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Huawei Demonstrated Its Active-Active Data Center Solution at CeBIT 2015

by david.nunes

Huawei Demonstrated Its Active-Active Data Center Solution at CeBIT 2015

Hanover, Germany, March 19, 2015 – Huawei demonstrated its Active-Active Data Center Solution in CeBIT 2015. The industry-leading six-level active-active architecture and active-active array feature provided in the solution signal the continuous technological innovation of Huawei in the data center disaster recovery (DR) field to provide stable, convenient service continuity solutions for customers.

 The Huawei Active-Active Data Center Solution is demonstrated at CeBIT.

With the population of cloud computing and big data technologies, enterprises not only focus on the data processing performance of data centers but also have high requirements on service continuity. As enterprise services diversify, enterprises require that data centers run stably and efficiently to address incidents at any time. The traditional DR solutions must be optimized to realize high resource utilization, short service recovery time, and simplified O&M.

Compared with the Active-Active Data Center Solution announced by Huawei at HCC 2014, the Active-Active Data Center Solution demonstrated at CeBIT 2015 has an architecture optimized by the new active-active array feature. The Huawei Active-Active Data Center Solution adopts active-active design at six levels, including storage, computing, application, network, security, and transmission. The advanced end-to-end active-active architecture helps enterprises achieve uninterrupted data center services and zero data loss. At the storage layer, Huawei provides the active-active array feature to implement management of heterogeneous virtual storage resources and the cross-data center dual-write function. The active-active array feature eliminates the I/O performance bottlenecks of traditional gateway solutions, requires fewer nodes, and reduces risks. The dual-write design improves the service performance by 30%. With time-tested solutions, the Huawei professional consulting team and delivery team aim to build DR data centers that provide high reliability, high service continuity, enjoyable experience, high data security, and convenient management through one-stop services for customers. With Huawei solutions, enterprise IT managers can easily deal with various incidents in data centers.

Huawei is a leader in the field of cloud data centers. Huawei has deployed 480 data centers including 160 cloud data centers around the world up to now. Huawei’s next-generation cloud data center architecture, service-driven distributed cloud data center (SD-DC²), has become the focus of attention. Mr. Su Chung Yen, IT Director of Huawei Data Center DR Solution, said, “Cloud computing technologies are maturing. The cloud resource pool-based DR solution will evolve with the development of production technologies in new technical architecture. Huawei will dedicate in the research and development of DR solutions and help customers from various industries construct stable IT systems with its advantages in products and solutions.”

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