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Huawei Gains Accreditation as a ‘Trusted Technology Provider’ From The Open Group

by david.nunes

Huawei Gains Accreditation as a ‘Trusted Technology Provider’

From The Open Group


Shenzhen, China, September 29, 2016 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. announced today that it has recently achieved accreditation from The Open Group as a Trusted Technology Provider™ by meeting Open Trusted Technology Provider™ Standard (O-TTPS) requirements. 

Huawei achieved accreditation after being assessed by a qualified and recognized independent assessor and was found to have demonstrated conformance to the best practices defined by the standard throughout the product life cycle of products within Huawei’s frequency division duplex (FDD) product line.

The O-TTPS, a standard of The Open Group, was developed to assure both the integrity ofcommercial off-the-shelf (COTS) information communication technology (ICT) products as well as the security of their supply chains. The O-TTPS, recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as ISO/IEC 20243:2015 in 2015, offers a benchmark that providers and suppliers can use to identify and implement technology development and supply chain practices. These practices give the buyers and users of ICT products, as well as cyber security stakeholders, a basis on which to differentiate offerings among ICT providers. 

The O-TTPS was developed by consensus in The Open Group Trusted Technology Forum (OTTF). OTTF is an industry-wide effort, where members like Huawei and other vendors identify best practices and processes. These processes contribute to the secure and trusted development, manufacturing, delivery, and ongoing operation of commercial products.  The O-TTPS best practices and product assurance standards can be used to inform and establish objective, risk-informed acquisition and risk management processes. 

“Protecting the integrity of ICT products and the security of the global ICT supply chain are among the most daunting of cyber security challenges,” said John Suffolk, Huawei’s Global Cyber Security and Privacy Officer.

“The development and use of risk-informed, industry and stakeholder-developed standards like the O-TTPS is an example of the kind of collaborative effort we need from the global community and individual organizations. Working together we can develop principles that reduce risk and provide an objective, transparent basis for trust.”

Jim Hietala, VP of Security at The Open Group, said, “The Open Group is pleased to see that the O-TTPS, also known as the ISO/IEC 0243:2015 standard, is being adopted globally and that major ICT providers like Huawei are looking at accreditation through the O-TTPS Accreditation Program as an indicator of conformance and as a market differentiator for procurement.

“Conformance by all providers to this standard for product integrity and supply chain security is critical in a global economy where ICT products and their components are developed, manufactured and distributed by providers throughout the world.”

As part of Huawei’s series of global cyber security white papers, Huawei recently highlighted the importance of organizations collaboratively and individually addressing the risks related to commercial off the shelf (COTS) products and global supply chains in its 2016 Cyber Security White Paper entitled, ‘The Global Cyber Security Challenge — It is time for real progress in addressing supply chain risks’ (June 2016, http://www.huawei.com/en/news/2016/6/2016-Cyber-Security-White-Paper), which was designed to inform ongoing efforts, effective practices, and standards on how the global ICT industry can address supply chain security challenges. 

The paper called for accelerated efforts by private organizations and governments to collaborate to address this common challenge.

The O-TTPS accreditation program is publically available here and the standard is available here.

 About Huawei

Huawei is a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider. Our aim is to enrich life and improve efficiency through a better connected world, acting as a responsible corporate citizen, innovative enabler for the information society, and collaborative contributor to the industry. Driven by customer-centric innovation and open partnerships, Huawei has established an end-to-end ICT solutions portfolio that gives customers competitive advantages in telecom and enterprise networks, devices and cloud computing. Huawei’s 170,000 employees worldwide are committed to creating maximum value for telecom operators, enterprises and consumers. Our innovative ICT solutions, products and services are used in more than 170 countries and regions, serving over one-third of the world’s population. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company fully owned by its employees.

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About The Open Group

The Open Group is an international vendor and technology-neutral consortium upon which organizations rely on to lead the development of IT standards and certifications, and to provide them with access to key industry peers, suppliers and best practices.  The Open Group provides guidance and an open environment in order to ensure interoperability and vendor neutrality.  Further information on The Open Group can be found at www.opengroup.org


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