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Huawei Launches TDD+ Solution

by david.nunes

Huawei Launches TDD+ Solution

Ushering in New Era of 4.5G xGbps

Shanghai, China, July 14, 2015  – Huawei along with industry partners, China Mobile and SoftBank, launched the all-new TDD+ solution.

Aimed at meeting the increasingly phenomenal growth in MBB traffic. TDD+ can provide an xGbps-level user experience, uncover more business opportunities for carriers and maximize their return on investment (ROI). As a core technology of 4.5G, TDD+ is able to coexist with 5G for many years to come.

In order to meet the new MBB challenges faced by carriers, TDD+ presents 7 key advantages:

1.   Support smooth evolution and backward compatibility

Based on existing 4G technology such as 4T4R and 8T8R, TDD+ can enable the efficient use of large and heavily composed multiple-antenna systems networking through software upgrades and the CloudBB technology. In this way, interference is converted into wanted signals, thereby improving user experience. This advantage also minimizes the cost for reconstructing of a live network.

2.   Provide an xGbps-level network experience

TDD+ takes the current single-user data rate and increases it to the xGbps level by adopting features such as carrier aggregation (CA), 4×4 MIMO, 8×8 MIMO, and uplink and downlink 256QAM.

3.   Significant increase in spectral efficiency

TDD+ significantly increases spectral efficiency and system capacity by using high-performance Cloud-baseband chips and features such as distributed MIMO (DMIMO), massive CA, High-Order modulation, High Order MIMO, and multi-user 3D beamforming. This advantage enables carriers to maximize their ROI.

4.   Activate sub-6GHz high-band spectrums

TDD+ increases the coverage capability of sub-6GHz high-band spectrums and explores their profitability potential by means of TDD’s advantages in multiple-antenna technologies, 3D beamforming, and 3D receiver technology.

5.   Unify user experience on ultra-high-density networking in all scenarios

Using the cloud scheduling platform, TDD+ achieves multi-dimensional coordinated scheduling for ultra-high-density networking in all scenarios. This ensures interference coordination during super-high-density networking and unifies the user experience ensuring that the data rate of each user is close to the peak value.

6.   Flexible adaptation of subframe configurations to cope with uplink traffic bursts during big events

Subframe configurations can be adjusted flexibly to maximize the overall system capacity.

7.   10ms-level delay and more innovative services

TDD+ provides an xGbps-level peak rate and 10ms-level delay, which enables fast transmission of environment information and commands between terminals and clouds. By using enhanced machine-type communications (eMTC) technology, this solution enables massive wireless access on the existing network without requiring any new frequency bands or hardware. It lays a solid network foundation for industries such as Internet of Things (IoT).

TDD+ Evolves from LTE TDD and is a Core Technology of 4.5G

LTE has been widely deployed all over the world. According to GSA data, commercial LTE networks have been deployed by 393 carriers in a total of 138 countries and regions by 2015 Q1. The LTE traffic volume is increasing rapidly, and represents 70% of the total MBB traffic volume in developed markets such as Japan and South Korea. As wireless broadband connection modes become progressively diversified, traffic volumes will experience an astonishing increase in the future, which presents carrier networks with considerable challenges that need to be overcome.

TDD+ has been conceived in order to specifically tackle these challenges. This solution is compatible with existing 4G networks and terminal devices, maximizing ROI for carriers on live networks. As a key 4.5G solution, TDD+ can significantly improve the user experience and enable wireless services to enter the xGbps era. TDD+ enables the use of higher spectrums and increases spectral efficiency of 4G networks by 5x enabling it to meet the foreseeable service demands in an era brought on by the explosive growth in traffic volumes.

Huawei will begin the commercial use of TDD+ in 2016 in cooperation with industry partners. TDD+ is researched by Huawei in cooperation with China Mobile and SoftBank, and is supported by GTI carriers. Huawei welcomes more partners to help promote the TDD+ industry chain.

About Huawei

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