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Huawei: Leading New ICT, Huawei Uses Open Media Information Services Platform to Empower Digital Transformation

by david.nunes

Leading New ICT, Huawei Uses Open Media Information Services Platform to Empower Digital Transformation

AMSTERDAM, Sept. 15, 2016 – At IBC 2016, Huawei and its partners jointly demonstrated their latest ICT solutions. Some of the showcased products included the converged media cloud architecture developed using innovative ICT technology, IP-based ingest and broadcasting solution that supports flexible service scaling, and the 4K program production and broadcasting system with superb audio and video experience. During IBC, Huawei successfully hosted the 3rd Global Media Industry Forum that attracted hundreds of customers, partners, and analysts from all over the world, including UK, France, Spain and Indonesia. Industry leaders and experts shared their opinions on how to develop new media architectures in the digital era and how to foster media business innovation using ICT technology.

New Trends: Cloud and IP have Become Industry Trends, and Innovative ICT Enables Digital Transformation

The global media industry is undergoing a complete digital transformation, and this evolution has accelerated over the last few years. Media companies are looking for effective methods and innovative ICT technologies to improve information service quality. Joe So, CTO Industry Solutions, EBG Marketing & Solution Sales Department, Huawei, said: “During this digital transformation, ICT technology has changed from a mere business supporter to a key measure that drives business development. To continue their success, media groups must coordinate ‘Cloud-Pipe-Device’ and use innovative ICT technology to build open media information services platforms that support real-time data sharing and full-time connection.”

New Solution: Successful Commercial Use of the Desktop Cloud that Supports HD, 8-Track, and Dual-Screen Video Editing

The business of radio and TV involves massive processing time of high-quality audio and video data. Traditional networks and cloud architectures cannot cope with the strict service requirements. Huawei leverages its latest desktop cloud that supports HD, 8-track, and dual-screen video editing to attract customers from the UK, France, and Italy. As an example, the Huawei desktop protocol (HDP+) intelligently identifies video, texts, windows, and lines used in non-linear editing applications, and compresses these contents (with or without loss) based on service requirements to ensure VM transmission efficiency and VDI quality. The dual-screen editing and voice ingest features offer physical workstation-level editing experiences. This desktop cloud has been successfully implemented in multiple world-class media institutions, such as TF1.

The evolution of 4K, SDN, and 40GE IP switching technologies enables TV stations to upgrade their existing systems to all-IP architectures. During IBC 2016, Huawei and Sony jointly demonstrated the IP production system, attracting the attention of many. Peter Sykes, Strategic Technology Development Manager, Sony Professional Solutions Europe, said: “Sony uses the AIMS Alliance to regulate business operations and develop IP-based, real-time onsite production solutions. To ensure project success, Sony must work with partners, such as Huawei, to enhance interoperability and robustness.”

New Ecosystem: Working with Industry-Leading ISVs to Jointly Promote Digital Industry Transformation

Over the last few years, the media industry has gone through significant changes. Both media institutions and industry ISVs are looking for strong technological support, so that they can focus on the strategic upper-level business operations. Huawei leverages its accrued experiences in technologies and excellent capabilities in innovation to contribute to industry development. Based on customers’ business needs, Huawei conducts open cooperation and joint innovation with industry-renowned ISVs, such as Sony, Dalet, and VSN. To date, Huawei has enabled more than 1,000 media groups reshape and improve ICT architectures, including  TF1 of France, RAI of Italy, Mediaset, SKY of UK, KBS of South Korea, Phoenix TV of Hong Kong, CCTV of China Mainland and many more.

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