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IBC2011: T-VIPS to Launch TSoIP Switch

by david.nunes

T-VIPS Increases Reliability of Transport Stream Video Delivery over IP through IBC2011 Launch of the TNS544 TSoIP Switch              

The TNS544 is designed primarily to provide seamless switching between redundant MPEG Transport Streams transported over IP


Oslo, Norway –August 22, 2011

T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, today announced that IBC2011 will see the launch of the TNS544 TSoIP Switch. This solution is the latest member of the T-VIPS nSure product line, which is designed to ensure the reliability of high-quality video transport. Customers will include DTT, Satellite and Telco operators, and broadcasters using IP head-end infrastructure and networks.


The TNS544 provides intelligent redundancy switch-over between MPEG Transport Streams delivered over IP networks. It ensures the robust transmission of Transport Streams by continuously monitoring all inputs, switching seamlessly to the back-up stream if errors are detected or a signal is lost. Network operators now have the ability to monitor and handle multiple Transport Streams and configure multiple switches per TNS544. This provides much greater flexibility and improved reliability within an IP infrastructure.


“The IBC launch of the TNS544 is a further commitment from T-VIPS to provide the industry with video-centric IP solutions that enable broadcasters and operators to migrate from ASI to IP without loss in quality or functionality while gaining the benefits in flexibility and running costs that IP provides,” said Johnny Dolvik, CEO, T-VIPS. “We’re increasingly seeing network operators and broadcasters embrace rather than resist the trend towards IP, due to the business benefits it delivers.”


The solution includes a number of exciting advanced features, including:

·        Completely seamless switching ensuring glitch free operation

·        Protection of sensitive downstream equipment in DVB-T, DVB-T2 and Satellite environments, ensuring continuous operation

·        Supports a high-level of output diversity – up to 8 outputs per switch

·        A single TNS544 unit may be flexibly configured with up to four 2:1 switches or two 4:1 switches

·        Switching between non-identical Transport Streams – critical for those operators that run back-up multiplexes

·        Supports IP unicast and multicast

·        Independent  IP input and output addressing

·        Full VLAN support

·        Forward Error Correction.


“One of the clear technology trends that I’m seeing in the broadcast world is a greater understanding of the benefits that can be derived through utilizing the features of IP to improve Quality of Service for video transport,” says Helge Stephansen, CTO, T-VIPS. “For example, if the physical connection goes down, the TNS544 can be configured to reroute the signal to another Ethernet port. At T-VIPS, we will continue to design and deliver innovative products that provide video expertise in an IP world, as we ensure that broadcast infrastructure delivers maximized performance by fully exploiting all the advantages of IP,” concluded Stephansen.



T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video transport solutions for contribution, distribution and Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), offers a comprehensive portfolio of powerful, efficient and intelligent solutions for processing and transporting high-quality video. T-VIPS’ close involvement in video standards bodies, leadership in JPEG2000, expertise in IP and transport stream multiplexing, processing and monitoring results in state-of-the-art technology that makes complex TV network operations simpler and preserves the integrity of high-end video streams.


T-VIPS solutions are utilized in many demanding applications, including 1080/60p, 3DTV, alternative content for digital cinema, live HD sports and news back-haul, and the transport of HDTV programming over IP networks. T-VIPS is leading the IP-based video network revolution by empowering high-profile network operators, broadcasters and post-production customers in over 50 countries with innovative solutions that deliver significant operational and financial benefits. The privately-held company is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with Americas’ headquarters in New Jersey. For further information, visit: www.t-vips.com





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