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IBC2012: T-VIPS Launches Video-Centric Media Management System

by david.nunes

T-VIPS announces Connect5 – A video-centric solution for managed networks

Oslo, Norway – 20 August 2012

T-VIPS, a global leader in professional video contribution and distribution solutions, today announced the launch of the next generation of its video-centric network management solution, Connect5. This solution provides broadcasters and network operators with the ability to easily monitor and control multiple video network infrastructures. Visitors to IBC will be able to see on-stand demonstrations of how Connect5 has been designed from the ground up to simplify video network management. Connect5 will ship in Q4, 2012.

“Our Connect5 solution gives network operators and broadcasters a simple and cost-effective way to set up, monitor and manage the delivery of professional video over today’s increasingly complex video transport networks,” said Janne T. Morstøl, COO, T-VIPS. “We are seeing a trend towards outsourcing of video network services. In this scenario Connect5 offers unrivalled flexibility as a media management system, enabling video transport infrastructures to be modified, monitored and maintained by different customers. In combination with T-VIPS monitoring solutions, Connect5 enables video quality to be verified at hand-over points to outsourced networks, with real-time alarms and extensive trend reporting ensuring that SLA targets are being reached. The ‘video-centric’ features of Connect5 also make it ideal for more traditional TV infrastructures, such as large terrestrial networks, where there is a need to monitor video content from specific services in multiple networks to individual components within a multiplex.”

T-VIPS has utilized its expertise in IP and video transport technologies to ensure that Connect5 provides comprehensive monitoring, management and reporting capabilities in an easy to use framework. For instance, Connect5 can be configured with role-based access levels, so that members of a user group cannot exceed their authority and expertise. This, in turn, enables service providers to safely offer their customers self-service provisioning options. Connect5’s web-based architecture is designed to enable remote access from PCs or mobile devices and flexibly support innovative business models and workflows. Additional important features include:

  • Intuitive and simple user interface and workflow – reduces expertise required, simplifies training and minimizes time required for fault correction 
  • Connection management with easy setup and tear downof connections 
  • Monitoring and supervision of transport streams, video content, connections and equipment 
  • Equipment inventory management 
  • Scheduling of events, connections and software upgrades 
  • Server-side redundancy, providing security and cost-effective operation.

“Connect5 combines with products in T-VIPS’ Video Gateway, cProcessor and nSure ranges to deliver improved reliability and enable comprehensive redundancy, including hardware elements, video sources, and IP-diversity reception in IP networks. Connect is an integral part of the T-VIPS reliable video over IP strategy. We have a detailed and aggressive roadmap for its future development to ensure that our customers stay in control, however complex their video infrastructure becomes,” concluded Morstøl.

T-VIPS’ Connect5 offers a “video-centric” approach to monitoring, management, control and maintenance of complex video transport infrastructures. It enables service providers to offer a new level of flexibility to their customers and ensures an exceptional quality of experience for viewers.


If you would like to see Connect5 or any other T-VIPS product in action, or to hear more about how

T-VIPS is utilizing its broadcast and IP expertise to ‘make the complex simple’, please email Sally Douglas (sally@platformpr.com) or Rajin Kang (rajin@platformpr.com), or call them on +44 (0)207 486 4900.


T-VIPS is a global leader in professional video transport solutions. We help our customers deliver next-generation TV services such as 3D, HDTV, live events and local content. Our IP based video transport and Digital Terrestrial TV solutions allow network operators, broadcasters, and content providers to deliver the highest picture quality at the lowest cost. Leveraging our technology expertise in video over IP, video compression, transport stream processing, monitoring and seamless switching we deliver products and solutions that improve Quality of Service (QoS), ensure high quality in live contribution workflows and enable state of the art DTV.

Our wide range of products enables fast time-to-market, increased reliability and improved video quality. We also provide fully customizable solutions, tailored to customer needs to deliver increased efficiency in video transport infrastructures.

T-VIPS is driven by innovation, customer success, and the application of new technologies to enhance both traditional video transport and Over The Top infrastructures and ensure the delivery of high quality content to TV ready mobile devices.

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