network performance tester and troubleshooting tool with

                                unique capabilities


IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS has launched LanXPLORER PRO, an inline active and passive network tester with unique capabilities. The easy-to-use, handheld tester is capable of testing active LAN connections over both copper and fibre, and includes a Net Map/Net Verify function to identify all active network devices and compare them against previous device lists.


Aimed at installers, IT administrators, network technicians, system integrators and cable installers, LanXPLORER PRO can meet the needs of anyone installing or maintaining IT systems in any enterprise, campus or industrial Ethernet environment. 


Network faults or slow performance can have a direct impact on the efficiency of any business, whether a small enterprise or a large corporation. LanXPLORER PRO has been designed to resolve issues quickly to reduce downtime and costs, and, with a multitude of functions, can perform a wide range of tasks, from locating simple cable faults to identifying causes of network slowdown.


LanXPLORER PRO’s multimedia capabilities make it the most versatile and flexible network tester on the market today. It can test active LAN connections over copper and fibre, and can also connect via WiFi if required, meaning the user doesn’t need to make physical contact with the network.


The product’s unique Netmap/Net Verify function further reduces downtime by being able to compare a previously stored network device list against the current device list – making any changes to the network easily identifiable. 


As Andrew Lane, European marketing manager for IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS, explained: “Devices like printers are often added to networks without the IT administrator’s knowledge – and when such items are configured incorrectly, problems can occur. The Net Verify function will immediately identify these rogue devices.”     


LanXPLORER PRO’s inline test capability can also monitor the performance of devices such as PCs, and can identify any devices that are consuming bandwidth and resulting in poor network performance. Powerful VoIP testing features also help to identify causes of poor call quality or drop-outs by measuring jitter, packet loss and maximum bandwidth.  


An advanced, best-in-class wire mapping function provides cable length and distance-to-fault information, and can test by pin and pair, displaying wiring faults such as opens, shorts and split pairs.       


With a 3.5 inch touchscreen interface, LanXPLORER PRO been designed with ease of use in mind. The results of any test carried out are quickly delivered and easily interpreted via a clear, colour graphical display, significantly saving time when fault finding.                                                                                                               


Andrew Lane said: “Traditionally, network testers have been complicated to use and interpret. We wanted to achieve a high level of test capability and pack the product full of useful features, yet make it simple to use and easy to read. With keypad and colour touchscreen options and a simple icon driven menu navigation system, most tests can be completed in just three steps. Users can learn to operate the product in minutes, without any real need to consult the instruction manual. It really is just touch and test.”


LanXPLORER PRO can also test Power over Ethernet (PoE) with load simulation to fully test PoE power supply equipment, or can be used inline to measure power consumption of PoE and PoE+ devices.    


To assist users further there is an internal memory for up to 100 tests and a job manager function for efficient organisation. In addition, an auto test pre-programmable option makes common tests even easier.  


LanXPLORER PRO can run off the mains, a rechargeable battery pack or standard AA batteries. It is supplied with a convenient carry case including a CD instruction manual, quick reference guide, two RJ45 STP patch cables, a smart remote adaptor and six dry cell batteries. The LanXPLORER PRO – PREMIUM is also supplied with a NiMH rechargeable battery pack, a power supply w UK/EU adaptor, an IDEAL amplifier probe, an RJ45 extraction tool and 10 life jack RJ45 inserts.


LanXPLORER PRO is priced at £1,995 or £2,165 for the premium kit. There are also two end mode versions in the range; LanXPLORER (priced at £945 or £1,115 for the premium kit) and LanXPLORER PLUS (priced at £1,395 or £1,565 for the premium kit), ensuring there is a wide range of options available.



IDEAL INDUSTRIES NETWORKS develops and manufactures products for LAN installation, test and certification, IT network testing and access telecom testing. Further information can be obtained by calling 01925 444446 or visiting