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Identidad Telecom Partners with ALOE Systems to Promote VoIP Technology in the Latin America Region

by david.nunes

Toronto, ON, September 7, 2010 – ALOE Systems (formerly MERA Systems) announced today that Identidad Telecom, a well-reputed provider of termination services into Latin America, has become an official reseller of ALOE Systems softswitch solutions as well as authorized service dealer.

Established in 2002, Identidad Telecom was at the cusp of the VoIP revolution within the Latin American telecom industry. It has applied technological innovation, vision and drive to evolve into key provider of termination services into Central and South America providing services for wholesale carriers and CLECs interested in moving beyond the traditional TDM interconnection into Internet transported voice services.

In 2008 Identidad Telecom deployed one of the industry’s leading VoIP softswitches, MVTS II from ALOE Systems (formerly MERA Systems) with the goal of maintaining the highest level of service with regards to voice clarity, redundancy and interoperability. Since then MVTS II has been residing at the core of Identidad’s network acting as the foundation for the development and deployment of Identidad’s technical architecture.

Identidad has enjoyed a great deal of success in its wholesale operations through the deployment of the MVTS II through improved visibility of traffic flows and network utilization as well as reduced operational/interconnection and termination costs through granular LCR routing functionalities. In 2010 Identidad Telecom and ALOE Systems signed the reseller agreement that has made Identidad an authorized reseller and service dealer of ALOE Systems in the CALA market. Identidad is now allowed to provide support on behalf of ALOE Systems and participate in sales process.

Identidad Telecom’s expertise in VoIP deployments makes it a sought after partner for carriers looking to deploy softswitching equipment. In the CLEC market Identidad is also a desirable solutions provider, which designs and implements network infrastructure which allows its CLEC customers to convert cost centers into profit centers.

“We envision the partnership between Identidad and ALOE Systems as an opportunity for both companies to promote VoIP technology in the Latin American region and across the CLEC markets.  Through our partnership with ALOE Systems we can provide our clients the most complete solution available on the market,” comments Andres Sanchez, Chief Technical Officer of Identidad Telecom, “Identidad will be an instrumental partner for ALOE Systems in supporting LATAM clients through its Spanish speaking Network Operations Center, which counts on Oracle engineers proficient in the implementation and management of MVTS II. We are confident that ALOE Systems will greatly benefit from Identidad’s knowledge, track record of success and cultural synergy in the Latin America region and in the domestic CLEC market, and Identidad will benefit from ALOE Systems’ worldwide recognized technological expertise and high quality of its products.”

“We strongly believe that constant development of distribution network and forging business relations with reputable resellers worldwide pave the way for ALOE Systems market expansion. The Latin American region is among our top targets, that is why a reliable and experienced partner there is of such an extreme importance,” says Konstantin Nikashov, CEO of ALOE Systems, “Identidad’s experience in dealing with CLECs, its understanding of their network structure combined with profound knowledge of ALOE Systems sofstwitches make them highly competitive player on the transit carriers market and a foolproof partner for A-Z termination globally. Its understanding of the Latin American carriers’ needs as well as Spanish speaking NOC will allow ALOE Systems to penetrate to the CALA market which so far is a challenge because of the language and cultural barriers.”

About Identidad Telecom

Identidad Telecom is a reputable provider of termination services into Latin America for wholesale carriers worldwide. Identidad Telecom provides unparalleled service and value through development of its own routes and by establishing strategic alliances with various international operators. Identidad’s network and numerous carrier interconnections allow it to offer termination solutions to match the needs of the most demanding clients. >From A-Z termination to country specific dedicated circuits, Identidad Telecom offers unmatchable service and support. For more information, please visit http://www.identidadtelecom.net/

About ALOE Systems

ALOE Systems is a new identity of MERA Systems, an international developer of class 4/5 softswitches that enable VoIP carriers and service providers to efficiently handle considerable amounts of IP telephony transit traffic across their networks. In August 2010 MERA Systems was renamed “ALOE Systems”, the abbreviation of “A loyalty to excellence” reflecting the company’s field-proven expertise and technological leadership in development of software solutions for wholesale and retail operators. Headquartered in Toronto, ON, Canada, the company operates globally through a network of representative offices and distributors. To learn more, please visit http://www.aloe-systems.com/


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