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** ifussss announce launch for September 9th**

by david.nunes

iFussss – taking news from smartphones to newsrooms

Announcing game changing app that allows public to make money from breaking news video footage

29/07/2013: ifussss (If You See Something, Share Something) is a revolutionary new app and platform that sends breaking news videos from the smartphones of the general public directly to the newsrooms of the world. The media source filtered, rights cleared breaking news content in seconds and can make direct contact with content creators who area guaranteed payment for their clips that are used.

ifussss gives the press the headline leading and supporting content on any event taking place anywhere in the world. It solves the disconnect between newsrooms wanting breaking video news footage as soon as it happens and the public not knowing how to quickly get what they’re recording to the people who want it the most.

Newsrooms can monitor and search content on the ifussss newsroom platform at  www.ifussss.com and download any clip available for a small fee. It’s that simple. ifussss will be available to download on both iOS and Android from September 9th 2013.

Ed Brookes, co-founder of ifussss, states:  “Mobile has changed news because it’s so ubiquitous. The tree falling down in the forest is now on someone’s camera roll. Video has value.  ifussss is simply a reaction to that. We add more value to users video content by solving workflow issues for newsrooms and we believe in rewarding opportunity, here’s the tools, help tell a story and you’ll be paid. Simple. “

The process is incredibly simple. Using the ifussss app record clips in 30 second chunks and uploads to the ifussss network. It’s already geo, time and hash tagged. Newsrooms use the simple ifussss newsroom platform to monitor and search.

Brooks’ partner Vinny Gibson adds “The world has become less ‘broadcast yourself’ and more ‘broadcast what’s around you’ and that’s as true for the media as for individuals. Ifussss makes that process easier for everyone”

Geo-tagging means search results are returned within meters of where the action is happening and also allows ifussss to help drive the news cycle. By monitoring the ifussss website Newsrooms can see exactly where events are taking place and react accordingly.

As well as content, iFussss deals with all the contractual and payment issues, removing cost, time, and administration from news organisations , and of course Newsrooms that purchase videos will be able to contact the people who take them video directly for the all important quote.



  • Users will be paid for all video that is used anywhere in the world
  • App is free for users and they can start making money straight away
  • Solves issue of Public is already taking videos of news events but doesn’t know what to do with them
  • Makes it easy for public to get content to newsrooms without second-guessing what newsroom is interested in their footage
  • Great way to search live video footage worldwide at various events

News desks

  • News rooms get immediate access to breaking news video content from any location in the world
  • Content is available within seconds of being filmed
  • Newsrooms can clearly see where it was filmed and when, allowing the crowdsourcing of more content
  • Newsrooms can directly contact the person taking the video
  • Videos are in an ordered, structured, searchable database that can generate or feed the news cycle or be used as source of archive material (saving resources, time and money within the newsroom)
  • Streamlines the current model of sourcing video news footage (currently relies on twitter, Facebook, phone calls, YouTube and other social networking sites)
  • Option to have bespoke iFussss app for specific media/publication
  • Deals with all the contractual and payment issues between the news org and the person taking the video
  • Safe and secure as footage will exist on the users secure iFussss account and not on their phone’s video storage (ideal for reporters or users in places of conflict)

Further launch details for iFussss will be announced shortly. For more information, and to download a fully-functioning beta, head to www.ifussss.com, to follow the iFussss journey check out our blog here: http://blog.ifussss.com/

For more information or interview opportunities please email: Laurence@ifussss.com or vincent@ifussss.com

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