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ILX Group launches a new way to obtain APMP Qualification for PRINCE2® Practitioners

by david.nunes

Thursday 5th August 2010 – ILX Group plc, the best practice training company, today announced a new fast track training course in support of the Association for Project Management APMP Qualification.  APMP Qualification with prior learning has been designed specifically for PRINCE2® registered practitioners recognising that several areas of the APM Body of Knowledge will have already been tested at examination. PRINCE2® registered Practitioners will now be given exemption from a number of topics and will study towards an exam that only tests those areas that are not fully covered by PRINCE2®.

Over the past year ILX Group has been one of a small number of training companies working closely with the Association for Project Management (APM) to develop and pilot the new APMP Qualification route and the results from those taking the new exams have been positive. The new APMP Qualification incorporates a broad range of disciplines including processes, strategy, techniques and people management. The ILX blended programme builds upon “what you should do” which is comprehensively explained by the PRINCE2 processes and adds more detail of “how you should do it”. Programme topics includes: Context of project management; planning and strategy; executing the strategy; techniques; business and commercial; organisation and governance; and people and profession.

Eddie Kilkelly, Chief Operating Officer at the ILX Group, commented, “As the world’s leading provider of PRINCE2 we already have a large audience of candidates who would immediately benefit from this qualification.  Our new route to the APMP Qualification means that candidates wishing to complement their PRINCE2 Training will receive recognition for the previous attainment of the PRINCE2 Practitioner qualification and will not be expected to learn these elements again. This will reduce the amount of time spent learning and in addition will reduce the amount of time spent in the classroom. Perhaps most importantly it is a very clear recognition that PRINCE2 and the APM Body of Knowledge are not mutually exclusive and together can contribute to the successful management of a project.”

The course is designed for individuals from both the Public and Private Sector who are working in the management of projects ranging from individual assignments through to those working on large capital or change projects. This includes Project Managers, Project Team Managers, Project Team Members and Project Support Office Staff.

Kilkelly adds, “The Programme and Project Management Skills and Capability Initiative launched by the OGC has engaged over 40 public sector organisations. Among other achievements this has led to the widespread adoption of the APM Competence Framework as the standard against which PPM skills and capabilities can be measured. Having invested significantly in PRINCE2 training over the last decade a logical next step would be to complement these skills with the areas provided by the APM Body of Knowledge. This new programme provides a fast and effective way to achieve this.  We are pleased to be offering support to delegates through interactive computer based training courses with add-on workshops which have proven to significantly increase pass rates and students’ confidence in the subject matter. Taking time out of the office for most people is difficult, which is why this solution works extremely well.”

Julie Legge, Head of Membership for the Association for Project Management added, “We are delighted to have had ILX Group working closely with us to develop and pilot this exciting new initiative.  The development recognises the increasing interest in the softer skills of project management and the recognition that PRINCE2 and APMP are complementary.”

The course is currently available at an introductory price of £895.00 per person (pound sterling) including exam and comprises of around 10 hours of pre-course e-learning followed by a three day classroom workshop which allows the students to practice the more practical elements of the learning. The ILX hosted workshop includes the shorter APMP examination on the final day.  To find out more or to book a course please visit http://www.ilxgroup.com/bookcourse.asp?id=APMP-P2P


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