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Immersive gaming and digital entertainment that fits your space – the Alienware X51 from DCC

by david.nunes

Immersive gaming and digital entertainment that

fits your space – the Alienware X51 from DCC

19 November 2013

Experience truly immersive gaming and powerful digital entertainment with the Alienware X51 desktop from distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC). A small form factor hides impressive specifications, with full customisation options and upgradeability, and the super-stylish chassis can be set up horizontally or vertically to fit any space and turn your home into the ultimate digital experience.

Take in every detail of your gaming or digital viewing with a powerful 1.5 Gigabyte (GB) Nvidia GeForce GTX660 discrete graphics card and experience pure processing power with 4th generation quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and up to 8GB high-performance dual-channel DDR3 memory. A 1 Terabyte (TB) hard drive gives you plenty of space to install your games and store digital content, with an integrated 16x DVD reader and writer for fast loading of content. Integrated Wi-Fi lets you join networks with ease, and Windows 8 Professional delivers an intuitive user experience.

“With these impressive specifications you can run several high-end applications with ease, or dedicate all of the X51’s power to a single application for smooth performance and incredible gaming. It has also been designed to easily build, modify and adapt as your needs change, and upgrading components such as the CPU, graphics cards, hard drives and memory is a breeze, so your desktop will remain current long after other machines are out of date,” says Nitesh Devanand, Dell Consumer Product Specialist at DCC.

The Alienware X51 also incorporates integrated software to let you take total control of your gaming and entertainment experience. The Alienware Command Centre software features a powerful suite of customisation options and the new AlienAdrenaline feature enables Game Mode, which lets you give each of your games a unique profile on your system. This allows you to disable unnecessary programs and activate your music player when you launch one game, or bring up key web links when you launch another. AlienFusion power management controls allow you to configure your settings in order to maximise performance and efficiency while managing power usage.

“In addition to these features, the X51 also includes AlienFX System Lighting Technology, which gives you access to a variety of themes and 8,000 distinct lighting combinations for a truly personalised setup. This means you can customise your system with game themes that respond to many in-game events with unique lighting effects to complete your immersive gaming experience,” Devanand concludes.

The Alienware x51 features a three-year next business day warranty and is available immediately from resellers and leading retailers nationwide for a recommended retail price starting at R21 999.00 including VAT.

For more information, visit www.drivecon.net.

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