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In Partnership with Dixons Travel, Thuraya Handhelds Available at Heathrow and Gatwick Airport Stores

by david.nunes

Abu Dhabi, 14th December 2010: European and international travelers passing through Heathrow and Gatwick airports will be able to buy the latest satellite handheld phones now available at retail stores in both busy airports. This follows signing a commercial partnership between the UAE-based mobile satellite operator Thuraya and Europe’s leading airport retailer Dixons Travel.

The availability of Thuraya’s innovative handhelds which include the world’s toughest satellite phone, the XT, in the two airports will facilitate access to reliable mobile satellite services especially for travelers going to places and areas where terrestrial telecom services are unavailable or inadequate.

The handhelds are designed to meet the needs of vertical market sectors such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture, maritime, NGOs, government, large corporates as well as individual users and frequent travelers.

“Thuraya’s border-to-border coverage across its footprint of 140 countries ensures uninterrupted connectivity even in the most remote of areas where there may be limited terrestrial networks. Furthermore, through our large list of roaming partners customers also have the additional convenience of using their GSM numbers on Thuraya’s advanced network and handheld phones which meet the requirements of sophisticated users by providing voice, SMS, data and GPS services,” said Mr. Muiz A. Saad, Executive Manager Marketing & Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Thuraya has over 310 agreements in 145 countries which include 128 roaming agreements in Europe in 60 countries.

Mr. Saad added that partnering with Dixons Travel ensures that Thuraya’s market leading handhelds are now displayed for millions of travelers passing through Heathrow and Gatwick airports; both busy transit hubs for European and international travelers.

In his part, Mr. Richard Procter, European Business Manager at Dixons Travel airport stores commented: “We expect rapid uptake of the phones as they are now easily available in seven of our leading Dixons Travel airport stores. The handhelds are ergonomic in design and are supported with professional menus and applications making them both attractive to our customers and reliable to use.

Thuraya has pioneered three high-quality handhelds which include the SO-2510 and the SG-2520 also known the world’s smartest satellite handheld. The latest addition to satellite handhelds is Thuraya XT which is IP54/IK034 certified making it dust, splash water and shock proof making it the world’s toughest satellite handheld. It also has the fastest data service, GPS Waypoint Navigation and reliable walk and talk capabilities due to its omni-directional and stable antenna.

Heathrow airport is the busiest airport in Europe with 67 million passengers travelling yearly. It is used by 90 airlines that travel to 170 destinations worldwide.

About Thuraya (www.thuraya.com)

Thuraya provides cost-effective mobile satellite services in more than 140 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Services provided by Thuraya include broadband, maritime, mobile voice that support dual GSM and satellite mode, rural telephony, fleet management and other advanced applications that enable people and businesses everywhere under its coverage to enjoy constant access to communications and information. Thuraya enhances sectors such as oil and gas, mining, agriculture, NGOs and maritime services through its cutting edge technology.

The Company launched its third satellite in January 2008, which has brought countries of the Asia-Pacific region under its footprint and extended its coverage to nearly two thirds of the globe’s population.

Thuraya was founded in 1997 by a consortium of leading national telecommunications operators and reputed investment firms from the region.

About Dixons Travel

Dixons Travel is the airport retailing arm of Dixons Retail plc. There are 29 Dixons Travel stores and airpots throughout the UK in Dublin,,Rome and Copenhagen.

For more information, please contact:

Mr. Ebrahim K. Ebrahim

Corporate Communications Department

Thuraya Telecommunications Co.

Post Box 283333 Dubai, UAE

Tel: 971-4-4488-828

Fax: 971-4-4488-899

Email: e_ebrahim@thuraya.com

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