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IneoQuest is First to Tackle Video Quality Management on Mobile Devices

by david.nunes

IneoQuest is First to Tackle Video Quality Management on Mobile Devices

Company is First to Market Video Service Solution for Operators Managing the Mobile Customer Experience


Paris, France (September 27, 2011) – IneoQuest Technologies, the global leader in video quality and service assurance, announced today at Broadband World Forum 2011 that it is first to bring to market a full solution for operators looking to manage the mobile video experience. IneoQuest has been providing video service and customer experience management solutions to the market for a decade and includes among its customers nearly all global Tier 1 video service providers.


“We have been diligently working to lead the video quality and service assurance market for the last ten years. This year has been pivotal for the industry, and it coincides with the increasing demand for top quality video delivery as well as the expansion of HTTP video streaming for multiscreen, OTT, and TV Everywhere video services,” said Marc Todd, President and CEO of IneoQuest.


ABI Research predicts that revenue from mobile video services is expected to top $2 billion worldwide in 2013. According to Senior ABI Analyst Mark Beccue, “the growth curve [for video services revenue] is very steep indeed, and will only continue to accelerate through the end of our forecast period in 2015.”


“It is essential more than ever that carriers look to metrics and analytics as the basis for improving customer experience and generating revenue. We believe our solutions are becoming increasingly popular because of that,” Todd added.


This new addition to IneoQuest’s video assurance solution includes a software library that can be built into video applications for mobile devices, computers and connected TVs. Through a cost-effective and scalable cloud platform called cMAC, performance and usage data are collected in the cloud and then aggregated for advanced analytics of end client devices. This aggregated information is correlated with CDN performance data for a complete, end-to-end QoS and QoE view of the multiscreen video distribution network.


For more information about the IneoQuest solution, visit www.ineoquest.com, or to arrange a briefing contact: Kristin Marcell at kristin@smartmarkusa.com.


About IneoQuest Technologies

With deployments in more than 500 video networks around the world, IneoQuest is the market leader in video assurance and network intelligence solutions. The company offers an array of software, probing technology, and professional services solutions aimed at improving the quality and delivery of video, so companies – including service providers, broadcasters, content providers, government, and enterprises – can enhance the customer experience. For more information, visit www.ineoquest.com.


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