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IneoQuest Launches New Addition to Service Assurance Solution for Multiscreen Video

by david.nunes

IneoQuest Launches New Addition to Service Assurance Solution for Multiscreen Video

Company Introduces Probing Technology That Ensures Content Availability for Internet and Mobile Video


Mansfield, MA (September 19, 2011) — IneoQuest Technologies, Inc., the global leader in video quality and service assurance, today announced the launch of Expedus® ASM, a Quality of Service (QoS) probe that monitors content availability in adaptive streaming video networks. As Internet and mobile video become more widely deployed, content and service providers need to provide a high quality experience to retain viewers. However, delivering video over the Internet to large numbers of TV’s, PC’s and mobile devices poses many new challenges, such as managing multiple CDNs that deliver video across a vast geographic area with many end-client types and protocols.


Expedus ASM is a next-generation probe that ensures that live and on demand video assets are available upon user request at all times and locations. To accomplish this, Expedus ASM acts as multiple end-client devices and requests video assets. It then monitors for QoS using metrics such as IneoQuest’s VeriStream, the industry’s first QoS metric designed specifically for internet and mobile video. With these metrics and technologies, Expedus ASM monitors content availability and pinpoints instances of quality impairment on a user-friendly platform to measure performance and troubleshoot impairments in real-time.


“Adaptive Streaming is being deployed at an accelerating rate as providers attempt to reach new customers with internet and mobile video across the globe,” says Kirk George, IneoQuest’s Director of Marketing. “Companies need to monitor for content availability to ensure that all video assets are readily available upon request at all times and at all locations. Expedus ASM allows for real-time monitoring to ensure content availability.”


For more information about IneoQuest’s award winning video assurance solutions, visit www.ineoquest.com.


About IneoQuest Technologies

With deployments in more than 500 video networks around the world, IneoQuest is the market leader in video assurance and network intelligence solutions. The company offers an array of software, probing technology, and professional services solutions aimed at improving the quality and delivery of video, so companies – including service providers, broadcasters, content providers, government, and enterprises – can enhance the customer experience. For more information, visit www.ineoquest.com.


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