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IneoQuest Partners with VisualOn to Help Customers Improve Their Online Streaming Initiatives

by david.nunes

IneoQuest Technologies Partners with VisualOn to Help Customers Improve Their Online Streaming Initiatives

IneoQuest’s Audience Measurement Platform, integrated with VisualOn’s OnStream MediaPlayer+, to provide link between quality of experience and audience behavior

MANSFIELD, MA (April 2, 2015) – IneoQuest Technologies, the global leader in video analytics and service assurance solutions, today announced its strategic partnership with VisualOn®, a multimedia software company that enables high-quality video and audio playback across connected devices. This partnership combines IneoQuest’s recently announced Endpoint Analytics SDK with VisualOn’s OnStream® MediaPlayer (OSMP+) Analytics Export product, offering operators and content providers unprecedented real-time visibility into online media playback quality and the resulting audience behaviors. By connecting streaming quality levels and content with their associated audience behaviors, baseline quality levels for customer satisfaction can be established and monitored, and video delivery platform risk areas can be quickly identified and addressed.

“The growth of streaming media consumption on connected devices is unprecedented – and media consumers have higher expectations than ever before when it comes to the ability to view quality content on whatever device they use, wherever they choose,” said Andy Lin, CEO of VisualOn. “As experts in scalable, secure and high-quality content playback, we’re uniquely positioned to capture the user experience at the endpoint for accurate and timely analysis of quality of service. The OSMP+ Analytics Export is designed to provide real-time visibility into multimedia player-specific metrics required for fine-tuning workflow, as well as application level metrics in support of audience measurement tools.”

IneoQuest’s EndPoint Analytics SDK is client video data collection technology that can be easily integrated with VisualOn’s OSMP+ to offer a platform for managing the customer’s video experience on smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices. IneoQuest’s Audience Measurement Platform for Adaptive Streaming (AMP ASM) aggregates and correlates all the operational and behavioral metrics from these mobile client players, enabling video providers to more effectively monetize their high value content and ensure a high-quality streaming experience.

“This partnership brings together our complementary technologies to address a real need in the rapidly growing online video space – the need to understand the relationships between online streaming content type, playback quality, and the associated audience behaviors,” said Calvin Harrison, President and CEO at IneoQuest. “VisualOn is focused on delivering leading edge software applications for the mobile market and enabling consumers to experience rich multimedia content on their connected devices. By integrating our Endpoint Analytics SDK directly into VisualOn’s media player, we have simplified our joint customers’ ability to quickly gain the tangible knowledge and benefits from associating behavioral and operational analytics directly from these devices. We look forward to helping our joint customers identify and expedite new opportunities for monetizing their content.”

About IneoQuest Technologies
With over 600 global customers, IneoQuest is the global leader in video analytics and service assurance solutions that enable video providers to monetize the video experience. IneoQuest
’s solutions monitor, analyze and optimize video – independent of the screen or network – with end-to-end visibility into every subscriber, viewing experience, and channel. IneoQuest gives customers the ability to monetize the video experience through verifying and assuring the quality of every viewing experience, understanding and expanding their subscriber base, and growing their returns on capital investments and digital assets. Clients include service providers, broadcasters, content providers, government, equipment manufacturers and enterprises. IneoQuest is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. For more information, visit www.ineoquest.com

About VisualOn
VisualOn, Inc. is a Silicon Valley-based multimedia software company that enables rich entertainment experiences across smartphones, tablets, laptops, connected TVs, and other mobile and convergent devices. VisualOn’s unique patented technology is designed to be platform agnostic for ease of integration, with optimized quality, performance, and minimal power consumption. VisualOn supports streaming, VOD, mobile TV, and other multimedia applications with quality levels rivaling hardware-based solutions. For more information, please visit us at www.visualon.com.

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