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IneoQuest Predicts Top Video Industry Trends for 2012

by david.nunes

Rise in OTT Video, Increased Emphasis on Quality of Consumer Experience, Top List of Industry Predictions

in 2012

IneoQuest Identifies Rise of Video Service Assurance as Top Priority for
Content and Service Providers This Year

Mansfield, MA (February 27, 2012) – IneoQuest Technologies, the global leader in video service assurance, today identified key trends for service providers in 2012. IneoQuest works with more than 500 operators and content providers globally, and attributes the Company predictions to the increasing demand for their Video Service Assurance solutions. Among their key predictions for 2012 are: Continued expansion in multiscreen and Over-the-Top (OTT) video consumption, a need for viewer experience management by service providers, and a growing need for content providers and content delivery networks (CDN) to assure OTT video service and quality.

Continued Expansion in Multiscreen and OTT Video Consumption: As discussed at a recent industry analyst panel event hosted by IneoQuest, the amount of content distributed OTT through smartphones, tablets, PCs and connected TVs, continues to increase at an astonishing rate. In fact, the number of Americans owning tablets nearly doubled from 10% in mid-December to 19% in early January, according to recent research by Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project. Industry research shows that over half of all tablet owners are streaming video on their device. With the continued expansion of the number of tablets and smartphones, it is apparent that delivering video to connected devices will be more important than ever.

Managing the Video Viewer Experience is Critical: Due to the increasing use of OTT video and adaptive streaming technologies, managing the viewer experience is now a critical business need for service providers. Consumers are no longer satisfied with a “best effort” quality experience and will move on to a competitor to get the video they desire before the service provider even knows they are unhappy. In fact, a recent survey by Mobixell indicated that 74 percent of people hold operators most responsible for video quality issues encountered when streaming video on their mobile devices – further supporting the need for service providers and operators to focus on the viewer experience.

Increasing Importance for Content Providers to Implement Video Service Assurance: The ability for consumers to watch video on multiple devices, across large geographic areas and from multiple providers is a huge opportunity for the video industry, including content providers. Industry research has demonstrated that video quality is a determining factor in the selection of a video service provider, and it is clear that operators and content providers will need to stay focused on providing the highest quality of service – the same optimal quality that consumers have grown accustomed to with traditional TV services – to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Calvin Harrison, COO of IneoQuest Technologies, summarized: “Overall, we see the industry continuing the video everywhere expansion, resulting in a multitude of new opportunities for service providers, cable operators and content providers. In 2012 it will be essential for video service providers and operators to seek out assurance solutions to help improve customer experience and generate revenue.”

About IneoQuest Technologies
With deployments in over 500 video networks around the world, IneoQuest is the market leader in Video Service Assurance. The company offers a unified business solution for traditional broadcast and multiscreen video services, including end-to-end network monitoring and business intelligence, aimed at improving the quality and delivery of video, so companies can enhance the customer experience.  Clients include service providers, broadcasters, content providers, government, and enterprises. For more information, visit www.ineoquest.com.

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