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IneoQuest Revolutionizes Video Analytics for Adaptive Streaming Content with the Release of AMP solution

by david.nunes

IneoQuest Revolutionizes Video Analytics for Adaptive Streaming Content with the Release of Audience Measurement Platform (AMP)

New Analytics Platform, AMP, Provides Unprecedented Real-Time Intelligence for Adaptive Streaming Content that Enables Providers to Monetize the Video Experience

MANSFIELD, MA (April 7, 2014) — IneoQuest Technologies, the global leader in video analytics and service assurance solutions, today announced its release of the industry’s most comprehensive video analytics platform for adaptive streaming content, designed to help providers more effectively monetize high value content and advertising. Working hand-in-hand with IneoQuest probe technology for data collection across network infrastructures and end point devices, AMP provides real-time, meaningful, actionable video analytics that allow content providers to tap into revenue potential faster than previously possible.

“We are very excited to launch our new video analytics platform at the NAB Show 2014,” said Joel Daly, Senior Director of Product Line Management at IneoQuest. “We believe this is a game-changer in the industry, and has the potential to take a vast amount of guess work out of understanding viewing habits and advertising consumption as multiscreen services continue to rapidly evolve. The fact that we can overlay behavioural analytics with our world-class service assurance information adds an unprecedented dimension to video analytics today, providing a completely new framework for monetization and proactive churn management.”

IneoQuest’s Audience Measurement Platform (AMP) for Adaptive Streaming has been designed from the ground up to correlate in real-time behavioural and operational data from the content delivery network (CDN) edge alongside the measurements and statistics from the end devices, providing an incredible unified network and service-centric view of the video being delivered. The solution has a rich web-services interface for integration to supplementary big data systems to accelerate the intelligence needed for customer support, business tracking and advertising management.

“Collecting analytics from the end point devices can tell you that a video service is bad” said Daly, “but it won’t necessarily tell you what caused the service to be bad. This is exactly the same scenario we saw in the early days of IPTV with set top box agents. When you start tracking the video sessions at the caching nodes as well, you get a very different network perspective on what else is happening to impact particular video services. This will be the first time that operators can have access to both, and have a true end-to-end view of the video delivery infrastructure and viewing behaviors.”

IneoQuest’s new analytics solution is scalable for content providers and operators delivering video services, as well as wireless operators who are carrying third party video and need to understand how well their infrastructure can deliver video. In many cases, these operators do not control the content or player, but still need to provide a reliable service to retain subscribers. With IneoQuest’s solution, carriers can start to profile their infrastructure’s ability to carry video, and be proactive about filling in any gaps so they can manage churn and retain existing customers, in addition to attracting new subscribers.

IneoQuest will be showcasing its new Audience Measurement Platform, AMP, at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 7-10, 2014. To learn more, please contact us at info@ineoquest.com or visit us at booth #SU7813 at the NAB Show.

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