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Infobel launches the mobile version (beta) of its international directory site: m.infobel.com

by david.nunes

Infobel launches the mobile version (beta) of its international directory site: m.infobel.com

Brussels, 21 June 2012 – Kapitol, the Belgian company specialized in B2B solutions and publisher of the electronic telephone directories Infobel, on Internet & CD-ROM, is launching the mobile version of its website, Infobel telephone directory. From now on, smartphone owners can make global searches in the simplest manner via their mobile telephone and tablet. The beta version of the Infobel mobile site can currently be accessed from smartphones (iPhone, Android,…) and tablets via the address m.infobel.com.

Very user-friendly, the mobile version of the site allows people to search for both residential (surname, first name, place) and companies/businesses (what/who, where, near) under a single, unique interface, all in 10 countries: Germany, England, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Tip : to automatically display the country where the user is located, all you need to do is tap « Auto » in the section « Settings / Countries ».

The home page offers nine types of quick search « Around Me » : restaurants, hospitals, banks, pizzerias, taxis, shops, service stations, garages and hotels. As the site allows the user to automatically pinpoint his location when connecting, when he clicks on one of the 9 icons, the results he receives correspond to the businesses situated in his immediate surroundings, all in a single click and regardless of the country where he is located! He can then see the results of his search on a map and, in a single click, create a route from where he is thanks the geo-positioning function.

Tip : the « Quick » tab enables a person or company to be found by its telephone number.

The Infobel mobile site is available in 6 languages: French, Dutch, English, German, Italian and Spanish. In order to set the choice of language, it is necessary to go to the « Settings / Languages » section and chose the appropriate language.


“The mobile Internet sector is growing rapidly; recent statistics put the number of mobile appliances at over 12 million units in Belgium alone… A number that should continue to rise,” underlines Alain Wahba, CEO of Kapitol-Infobel. “We wanted to wait until the penetration level of smartphones was higher before launching our mobile site. What is more, there were already several directory applications and we wanted to get away from the national route in order to offer an international search tool that still allows users to search locally, no matter where they are. We have also waited for the technology to evolve; thanks to HTML 5 we are able to offer the same services as an application via a mobile site. No downloads are necessary therefore… The site works directly and from any smartphone equipped with an HTML 5 browser. In the last month alone, we registered 135,000 users on our site via a mobile appliance. With our mobile version, this figure will probably increase to a million in a month, given its ergonomics and ease of use. I am convinced that this real explosion of the mobile Internet will lead to greater use of our content on mobiles than on desktops by 2014. Furthermore, looking up Infobel sites via mobile appliances has already trebled in just a year”

About Kapitol-Infobel

Founded in Brussels in 1995, Kapitol was one of the first companies in Europe to publish telephone directories on CD-ROM, and first in the world to set up a directory-type website on private individuals (under the Infobel brand). Taking all supports into account, Infobel manages and develops a constantly updated database of some 130 million European telephone subscribers, which it makes available to everyone. Kapitol also offers webvertising services, direct marketing services and B2B data services (standardisation, enhancement, verification and address-scoring). The Brussels-based company also has an operation selling and renting address files. At the end of 2002, Kapitol took over the operations of Scoot.be and Scoot.nl. Kapitol operates in Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Austria and the USA. Kapitol employs around twenty people.

For more information: http://www.infobel.com or tel. +32 2 379 29 40.

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