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Infobip adds voice to its mobile services cloud

by david.nunes

Infobip adds inbound and outbound voice communications
to its mobile services cloud

Mobile services specialist Infobip empowers businesses and developers to add voice capabilities using flexible APIs

London, UK, 16 April 2015 – Infobip, the leading provider of mobile services to IT companies, start-ups and app developers, today announced the launch of Infobip Voice, an enterprise-grade suite of cloud-based voice applications.

Infobip Voice lets enterprises and developers quickly and easily add voice capabilities to their existing software through an API-powered cloud platform, avoiding hardware costs and complex system integration. The service harnesses Infobip’s worldwide connectivity to hundreds of mobile operators, and was developed using in-house expertise gained from Infobip’s heritage in providing mobile services to the banking and technology sectors.

By introducing Voice to its mobile services cloud, Infobip is now in the unique position of offering a complete mobile platform for enterprises and app developers to help increase security and customer engagement. With support for all major mobile services, including SMS messaging, push notifications and direct carrier billing, Infobip provides developers with a wide range of tools designed to drive reach, monetisation, and user satisfaction.

“Infobip is committed to providing a complete communications service platform for our enterprise and developer customers,” said Silvio Kutic, founder and CEO at Infobip. “As telecoms services are increasingly becoming IP-based, introducing voice to our existing mobile services cloud was the next logical step.”

Building on Infobip’s longstanding A2P messaging expertise, the Infobip Voice platform is designed to process huge data volumes. Has already been proven to perform flawlessly during high traffic periods, made possible by Infobip’s global infrastructure network

Key features of Infobip Voice include support for both voice and SMS messaging over the same DID (Direct Inward Dialling) number, inbound and outbound calls, text to speech capabilities for voice messaging or voice-enabled two-factor authentication, and a web interface for service managing and analysis.

Infobip is a global provider of mobile messaging and payments services, serving 120,000+ business clients across 29 offices on six continents. All Infobip’s solutions are fully developed in-house, creating a state-of-the-art mobile services ecosystem that changes the way users and businesses interact in the mobile space. Infobip’s unique mix of messaging, push notifications, USSD and carrier billing technologies let its customers reach mobile users in over 190 countries worldwide. Infobip serves and partners with leading mobile operators, OTTs, banks, social networks, aggregators and more.

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