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Infortrend Releases Enhanced EonOne for Centralized EonNAS Management

by david.nunes

Infortrend Releases Enhanced EonOne for Centralized EonNAS Management

— Web-based UI enables simple monitoring, setup, and management of multiple systems

TAIPEI, Jan. 13, 2015 – Infortrend® (Public TPE: 2495) today announced the release of EonOne, a new generation user interface for EonNAS unified storage. EonOne delivers a range of features focusing on multiple system management, such as status monitoring and event notification, and streamlines workflow settings.

As a web-based UI, EonOne can be accessed from wherever internet access is available. It brings a centralized interface for EonNAS models, allowing users to configure, detect, monitor, and manage multiple storage systems from a single and convenient portal. IT managers can view the status of associated EonNAS systems without complicated navigation. This includes critical capacity and performance indicators.

EonOne puts all settings into one page to streamline workflow, which makes it much faster and simpler to configure new systems. The convenient EonOne notification center provides clear and centralized notices for various events to ensure users are fully informed and that action can be taken in order to maintain optimized operation.

“EonNAS is a multi-role platform built around unified architecture. We developed an intuitive user interface that reflects this comprehensive approach, as EonOne provides simple access to multiple systems and features,” explained Thomas Kao, Senior Director of Product Planning at Infortrend.

To encourage global adoption, Infortrend is offering EonOne in English, German, French, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. Please click here for more details.

About Infortrend

Infortrend (Public TPE: 2495) has been developing and manufacturing storage solutions for businesses and organizations since 1993. Innovation joins impeccable quality thanks to a passionate team of professionals and an emphasis on in-house design, testing, and manufacturing. Infortrend storage delivers performance and scalability with the latest standards, backed by user friendly data services, personal after-sales support, and unmatched value. Core product families are EonStor DS, EonNAS, and ESVA. For more Information, please visit www.infortrend.com.

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