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Infovista introduces cloud-native Ativa Optimize for RAN and mobility intelligence to streamline optimization and enhance user experience

by Anthony Weaver

Correlates network quality, configuration and subscriber experience data to automate previously siloed RAN engineering processes with end-to-end analytics and automation

Paris, France – Thursday 2nd February 2023 – Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation, today introduced Ativa Optimize to deliver operators geospatial analytics, monitoring, troubleshooting and optimization across all their radio vendors and technologies – from 2G to 5G standalone – in a single pane of glass. Part of the cloud-native Ativa suite of applications and solutions for automated assurance and operations, Ativa Optimize enables operators to streamline previously laborious processes through automated RAN diagnostics and recommendations, reducing swivel-chair operations and ensuring best performance and user experience.

Built on the unified NLA Cloud Platform and leveraging best-in-class geolocation accuracy and actionable reporting, Ativa Optimize helps MNOs easily understand and visualize radio network performance and correlate it with user experience using geolocated subscriber call trace data. This enables operators to identify areas with the most customer impact and prioritize network operations accordingly, and monitor high-value customers and zoom down to individual subscribers for faster investigation and troubleshooting.

Ativa Optimize brings CAPEX and OPEX reductions by offering a futureproof unified cloud-based solution to manage all RAN networks, improving operational efficiency through advanced analytics and automation, and significantly reducing the number and cost of drive tests through analysis of subscriber call and device behavior. It also leverages its geospatial insights across the organization, helping planning, customer care, and marketing teams take well-informed business-driven decisions and improve the bottom-line.

“In programable networks, radio optimization is no longer a dedicated silo process but a continuous one, tightly connected to Service Assurance,” said Renata Da Silva, VP Product, Service Assurance at Infovista. “Having visibility of the right data at the right time to identify, troubleshoot, optimize and correct issues automatically is vital. Connecting customers’ strong demand for wireless connectivity to RAN resource constraints is mandatory for operators’ engineering teams, especially when more numerous and more complex radio technologies must be managed.”

Operators can correlate data from RAN to core by integrating Ativa Optimize with Ativa Experience and Ativa App, for end-to-end customer experience, service and application intelligence. This 360° visibility of network, service performance and user experience allow more systematic problem assessment, validation and prioritization. The Ativa suite of applications and solutions, which can be deployed independently or in combination, correlate experience, service quality and resource performance across domains to deliver end-to-end automated assurance through a single pane of glass.

Ativa Optimize enables 360º Assurance for VoLTE and VoNR, a comprehensive, end-to-end solution to ensure better customer experience when using voice services in dynamic networks. The solution reduces the complexity of assuring mobile voice services delivered through 4G and 5G networks using VoLTE and VoNR, while reducing operational complexity and costs through automation.

Ativa is powered by the NLA Cloud Platform, Infovista’s common cloud-native platform for network planning, testing, and assurance solutions that enables CSPs to reduce network operation costs and time-to-market of new services. The NLA Cloud Platform provides common telco-specific cloud-native automation, analytics and data correlation engines to power Infovista solutions across the full network lifecycle, including Infovista’s Planet AI-driven RF network planning, TEMS network testing and the full Ativa Suite for automated assurance and operation. This translates into efficiency and productivity gains by reducing the footprint of previously siloed systems, streamlining operability and reducing management overhead through a unified cloud-native platform common to all Infovista solutions.

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