Innovative Service Provides An Exclusive Web Platform Designed To Connect IT Specialist Contractors And Recruiters


Brighton UK, Tuesday 12th August 2014 – An East Sussex based company has successfully launched and established a revolutionary new online platform, designed specifically to quickly and effectively bring together contractors and recruiters within the IT niche.

The ‘ContractRecruit’ web portal has become established as one of the UK’s leading specialist IT contractor job boards, dedicated solely to serving the IT industry by offering an innovative approach to connecting contracts with contractors.

The new portal has been designed with unparalleled functionality and a multitude of cutting-edge features to ensure a fully interactive user experience, effective time management and most importantly, access to a wide range of relevant live contracts.

‘ContractRecruit’s Luke Clothier commented “We strive to be the most technical job board in the market through creative innovation. Our unique functionality is what sets us apart, and we are constantly developing new ideas and features for both the IT Contractor and Recruiter to speed up the recruitment process.”

Having invested considerably in the development of the web portal, ‘ContractRecruit’ have now launched a range of fully integrated advanced features, to further contractor functionality and ensure the service remains the premier UK community portal for the IT contract sector.

The new features include ‘ContractMap’, a unique mapping service which allows contractors to pinpoint the exact locations within which they are available to work. The ‘Countdown Timer’ feature conveniently counts down to the end of existing contracts, allowing recruiters to keep track of top contractors. Additionally, the new ‘ContractDiary’ offers a powerful means to create and store a constant log of project work, including contact details, work undertaken and locations.

About ContractRecuit

‘ContractRecruit’ are aiming to position themselves as the UK’s biggest and best job board for professional IT contractors, recruiters and direct hirers. Providing a community portal combined with a range of powerful features, the service has revolutionised the contract job market. For further details on the ‘ContractRecruit’ portal please visit the official website at or alternatively contact the company using the details shown with this release.