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INS4U Group selects Genexis / FCA for new FTTH initiative in Poland

by david.nunes

INS4U Group selects Genexis / FCA for new FTTH initiative in Poland

Eindhoven, 21th of March 2012

Today, FCA and Genexis announce that the Polish INS4U Group has selected Genexis’ well-known FiberXport FTTH gateway for the delivery of Active Ethernet broadband to the rural area of Wola Uchruska.

Genexis’ partner FCA in Krakow has realized its first contract for Genexis. FCAs customer INS4U Group will roll out the first phase of 500 properties, enabling Genexis to strengthen its presence in Poland. With the help of EU funding, areas that are poorly served by information technology will receive a fiber connection up to 100 Mbps. All connections will be managed by Genexis’ dependable and proven CPE auto-provisioning system GAPS.

“Genexis is a leading supplier of fiber-to-the-home equipment in Europe”, says FCA Vice President Robert Jasiński. “With their knowledge and innovative products we are convinced that we can offer a flexible and cost-effective solution for our clients.”

INS4U Group is currently deploying a FTTH network for one of the local operators, who decided to expand their offer with fiber-optic network services. INS4U Group recommended Genexis’ solution, mostly because of its flexible, future-proof approach and functionality.

“FCA has a strong position in Poland, covering the country with several offices. Their speciality is to offer a complete solution, both passive and active. We are pleased to have a partner who is dedicated to the market and has proven to be the right choice”, says Luuk Pals, Vice President of Sales and New Business at Genexis.

About FCA
FCA is one of the most dynamically developing producers and suppliers of fibre-optic solutions on the Polish market. The FCA owes its significant increase in market share to the considerable product offer enlargement in last years. Today FCA is a supplier of a complete fibre optic solution for all segments of optical network (central office, outside plant, last mile and FTTx infrastructure). For almost 22 years, company has been cooperating with the best world-wide suppliers of fibre-optic components and assembling technology. FCA quality management systems are fully in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.


About Genexis
Genexis is a trendsetting European company dedicated to the development, manufacturing and marketing of home gateways for fiber-to-the-home networks. Genexis’ design philosophy takes the full product lifetime into account: from investment and installation through to operation, Genexis’ products prove to deliver the lowest cost of ownership. At the same time, we focus on developing new concepts and products aimed to take full advantage of the benefits of optical fiber. Our customers are network operators throughout the world. Genexis’ solid technical knowledge and skills in fiber technology, Ethernet/IP and CATV networks, results in superior product performance. To meet and exceed our customers’ future expectations, Genexis participates in several innovative research programs. Genexis is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands – the centre of one of Europe’s key hightech regions.


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