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Intec Signs Strategic Agreement with Virgin Mobile Australia

by david.nunes

London/Brisbane: August 3rd , 2010 – Intec, one of the world’s leading providers of Business Support System (BSS) solutions, together with Virgin Mobile Australia (VMA), a wholly owned subsidiary of SingTel Optus, one of Australia’s largest full-service telecommunications carriers, has announced the signing of a two-year strategic agreement.  The agreement is for the provision of enhanced professional services support and maintenance for Intec’s charging, billing and customer care platform, Singl.eView. This agreement will also serve to optimise ongoing OPEX, a factor that is fundamental to VMA’s long-term business strategy.

Virgin Mobile Australia selected Singl.eView as its convergent billing and contact centre platform from the company’s inception in October 2000.  Singl.eView’s innovative customer management and billing in a single, scalable platform has meant the system has been able to scale and flexibly adapt with the operator’s growing business.  Significant cost efficiencies have been delivered from business process improvements which, in turn, have contributed to efficient planning and control of the organisation.

“We recognise Intec as a vital partner whose technology has delivered exceptional flexibility, and the integrated nature of the product has allowed us to develop new services, quickly, in a highly competitive market,” said Nigel Grange, Virgin Mobile’s CIO. “Virgin Mobile Australia’s long-term relationship with Intec was a key deciding factor in this agreement, along with Intec’s proven track record as a leading BSS solutions provider.”

“Intec is proud to be recognised as an integral technology and solutions partner by Virgin Mobile Australia,” added Graeme Paynter, Intec Vice President for APAC.  “ Knowing that our leading edge technology has supported not only the growth of the business but the introduction of new generation services to a wider spectrum of the Australian market, only serves to underscore our commitment to the company’s longer-term growth objectives.”



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