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Intercede brings secure voice to Android

by david.nunes

KoolSpan and Intercede partner to facilitate deployment of secure voice apps on Android

Intercede’s MyTAM service loads KoolSpan’s TrustCall VE solution into the Trusted Execution Environment to provide secure voice calls across mobile carrier networks

Lutterworth, UK and Bethesda, MD, USA – Cybersecurity specialist Intercede and secure communications provider KoolSpan today announced a partnership utilising the MyTAM service to enable KoolSpan’s government-grade protection of customers’ voice calls from malware and third parties attempting to listen in.

Securing cellular communications is a significant global need. Security specialists have long recognised that mobile communications, including cell phone calls, are vulnerable to interception by both official and criminal organisations. Businesses and consumers globally are subject to these attacks. Recent revelations only heighten awareness of the requirement to encrypt cell phone calls in everyday communications, whether for business or personal conversations.

KoolSpan’s TrustCall Virtual Edition (VE) encrypts voice communication before sending it over a secure data channel. Utilising the Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), which is built in at the point of manufacture on many leading Android smartphones, TrustCall VE-enabled devices seamlessly authenticate and connect to provide end-to-end encrypted communications.

Intercede’s MyTAM service enables organisations such as app developers, service providers, banks and media streaming companies to load apps into the TEE, protecting them and their associated content from malware, man-in-the-browser and other forms of software-based threats.

Trustonic’s cryptographically secured TEE allows KoolSpan to provide secure voice communication across mobile carrier networks. As a Trusted Application Manager (TAM) service, Intercede provides over-the-air provisioning of KoolSpan’s authentication, key management and encryption functions into the TEE.

Nigel Jones, CEO at KoolSpan, said: “Secure voice call services once available only to government intelligence organisations because of complexity and cost are now available to business people everywhere inexpensively and in a manner that is easy to use. The TrustCall suite provides a robust, cross-platform, end-to-end secure connection, bringing secure voice to the masses. Now businesses and organisations of all sizes can be confident that their calls are not intercepted by third parties or other apps on the device. We are delighted to be working with Intercede to deliver this unique capability to the market.”

Richard Parris, CEO at Intercede, said: “KoolSpan’s selection of MyTAM to complement its secure voice solution illustrates its commitment to delivering innovative apps to the market offering new levels of security protection for the end user. The combination of Intercede’s easy to integrate software libraries and cloud-based service allowed KoolSpan to make use of MyTAM to deploy their TEE-enabled TrustCall application in a matter of days. This is a compelling benefit for all Android application developers.”

About Intercede:

Intercede is a software and service company specialising in identity, credential management and secure mobility. Its solutions create a foundation of trust between connected people, devices and apps and combine expertise with innovation to provide world-class cybersecurity.

Intercede has been delivering solutions to high profile customers, from the US and UK governments to some of the world’s largest corporations, telecommunications providers and information technology firms, for over 20 years.

Intercede’s MyID software is an identity and credential management system that enables organisations to create and assign trusted digital identities to employees, citizens and machines and in turn allows secure access to services, facilities, information and networks. MyID adheres to international standards, while remaining simple enough to be deployed onto consumer devices such as smartphones, tablets and other devices in the Internet of Things.

In 2015 Intercede launched MyTAM; enabling trusted applications to be loaded into a mobile device’s Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), providing hardware-level security for Android apps. The cloud-based service provides a cost-effective and convenient way for developers and corporations to protect their apps and users’ sensitive data.

For more information visit: www.intercede.com


About KoolSpan

KoolSpan is the leader in robust, cross-platform, end-to-end and secure mobile communications. KoolSpan, Inc. delivers communications security to companies and government agencies worried about loss or theft of intellectual property, vital information and proprietary assets. KoolSpan protects connected devices including cell phones, tablets, and desktop phones. KoolSpan has 21 issued patents and dozens more pending underlying its unique technology.

KoolSpan is a privately held and based in Bethesda, Md. For more information, visit www.koolspan.com, follow us on Twitter @KoolSpan1 and at Facebook.com/KoolSpan.


About Trustonic

Trustonic integrates hardware-level security and trust directly into the devices through which we access today’s connected world. Trustonic simplifies user experiences in everything from mobile shopping and Internet banking to entertainment to collaborating in the workplace.


Trustonic technology is embedded in over 350m smart connected devices, and partners with market leaders such as Samsung, Qualcomm, Symantec, Gemalto and Good Technology. To learn more about Trustonic and how it’s making your connected world a better place visit us at www.trustonic.com


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