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Introducing FAMOC 3.3

by david.nunes

Introducing FAMOC 3.3

FancyFon Announces the Latest Edition of its
Mobile Device Lifecycle Management Solution

Monday July 18, 2011 – Cork, Ireland

FancyFon, a pioneer in mobile device management solutions that enable organizations to securely control multiple smartphones over the air from a single point of control, today unveiled the latest edition of its award-winning product, FAMOC™.

FancyFon Mobility Center (FAMOC) is a market leading mobile device lifecycle management platform that enables customers to centrally manage their fleet of smartphone and tablet devices – based on multiple mobile platforms – in real time, over the air.

The launch of FAMOC v3.3 comes at a time when security is the main topic on the agenda for smartphone management. FancyFon has responded to market demand, by providing a management platform that ensures that corporate data on smartphone devices is better protected than ever before.

Significant enhancements include:

Microsoft Exchange Mobile Access Control
With an increasing number of employees selecting to use their personal smartphones in the working environment, FAMOC ensures that only mobile devices that are managed by FAMOC – and have the necessary security controls and certificates in place – are allowed to access the corporate Exchange server. FAMOC enables the administrator to block all non-compliant smartphones, preventing any unauthorized mobile access to email, and securing corporate data.

Increased Support for Android
FAMOC v3.3 incorporates enhanced functionality for Android, including:

  • The introduction of blacklisting and usage control
  • Remote access for Android devices, including full screen and keyboard access on Samung devices

Until now, Android has been extremely popular as an operating system for consumers, however with these functionality improvements, FAMOC improves Android’s usability in the corporate world by providing centralized over-the-air management to improve security, support, configuration, and administration.

Selective Data Wipe
For lost or stolen mobile devices, FAMOC has always been able to fully wipe all data, over the air. However if an employee is using his personal device at work, and then breeches a security policy or leaves the organization, FAMOC has introduced a new capability to select specific data that must be removed from the smartphone. For example, the administrator could leave the contact data intact, but wipe all corporate data and company specific documentation.

These technological advancements in FAMOC v3.3 place FancyFon at the cutting edge of the mobile device lifecycle management market, ensuring:

  • Increased privacy and data security to address corporate compliancy
  • Improved business productivity and better employee efficiency
  • Simplified administration and a reduction in support and management costs
  • The seamless roll out of new and improved services, over the air

FancyFon’s CTO, Bartosz Leoszewski commented; “For organizations around the world, security is the key requirement when it comes to mobile device management. The additional functionality that is incorporated into FAMOC v3.3 ensures that employees are able to embrace the benefits of mobile technology to improve their productivity, while corporate data remains secure, even when employees are using their personal handsets in the working environment.”

To discuss FancyFon FAMOC v3.3, please contact:
Dietmar Fuchs, COO

About FancyFon
Established in 2006, FancyFon provides a portfolio of industry-leading solutions for the mobile device lifecycle management market, enabling any number of mobile phones or network devices using a variety of operating systems – including Android, Apple iOS, HP-WebOS, MeeGo, MS-Windows Phone 7, RIM BlackBerry, Samsung bada, Symbian S60, Symbian UIQ, Windows Mobile and Java-based feature phones – to be centrally and remotely managed, over the Internet. FancyFon Mobility Center (FAMOC™) provides asset, configuration, application, and security management, as well as remote support for smartphones based on all of these mobile platforms, either as a hosted or as an on-site solution. With its head office in Cork, Ireland, FancyFon customers include service providers, large enterprise and government organizations in Europe and the United States. www.fancyfon.com

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