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iomart Hosting provides cloud storage and backup for new branding network

by david.nunes

iomart Hosting provides cloud storage and backup for new branding network


What Is My Brand launches in UK


iomart Hosting, one of the UK’s leading providers of cloud computing and managed hosting services, is providing cloud storage and backup for a new personal branding network that’s just launched in the UK.


What Is My Brand, www.whatismybrand.com, is an online network that allows people to showcase their own unique talents, build a personal brand and express opinions on the brands they like and use.


Sunny Arora, founder of What Is My Brand, says: “The most successful companies in the world all have strong brands – a great brand sells. We believe that this works equally well for individuals. You only have to look at people like Lady Gaga and David Beckham to know how successful a personal brand can be. What Is My Brand is all about the brand of You.”


Mr Arora says he chose iomart Hosting to support What Is My Brand because of its 100% uptime guarantee, round-the-clock technical support and the multiple resilience afforded by its network of UK data centres.


He says: “As well as ticking all our boxes concerning reliability and scalability, iomart Hosting really understands the start-up environment. We have a dedicated account manager who, along with a technical services director, has worked closely with us to make sure we got exactly what we needed to launch our new network.”


As a member of What Is My Brand, individuals will be able to create a personal profile which can be accessed by potential employers from a host of different sectors – from the theatre and television, sports and leisure, to banking and legal services.


Mr Arora, who’s from Epsom in Surrey, adds: “A C.V. promotes your qualifications and skills. What Is My Brand helps you promote the whole range of your talents and your fully rounded personality. By recognising your skills and your natural talents both socially and professionally, you’ll be able to stand out from the crowd. We firmly believe that a strong brand is recession proof.”


What Is My Brand sits on an iomart Hosting VMWare cloud platform which includes cloud storage and dedicated managed backup to ensure that the network can grow easily as it attracts more members and advertising support.


Mr Arora explains: “Having a cloud platform enabled us to avoid heavy set-up costs whilst offering very attractive on-going operational costs. Secondly, it provides us with on-demand scalability which means as user numbers rise we can scale up quickly, removing any time-lag that might be associated with a fixed physical infrastructure. And thirdly, we only pay for what we use.”


Sarah Haran, managing director of iomart Hosting, says: “It’s particularly important for start-up businesses to avoid large capital outlay at the beginning. Cloud hosting is both an economical solution and a scalable one which will allow What Is My Brand to react quickly to growth in its membership.” 


iomart Hosting is a subsidiary of iomart Group plc which was recently voted one of the top web hosting companies in the world and was named Scottish Digital IT Company of the Year 2011.




News release issued on behalf of iomart Hosting by Jane Robertson, Head of PR for iomart Group plc.  For more information please email jane.robertson@iomart.com or call 0141 931 6474 (dir), 0141 931 6400 or 07827948993 (mob).



About What Is My Brand

What Is My Brand www.whatismybrand.com is an online Branding Network that helps people build a personal brand and lets them express their personal and retail brand opinions. What Is My Brand’s philosophy is to help people define what they are good at so they always stay in demand, and thus command a premium.


About iomart Hosting

iomart Hosting www.iomarthosting.com is one of the UK’s leading providers of complex managed hosting and cloud computing services to the enterprise market. It owns and manages its own network infrastructure, including five UK data centres, offering a unique 100% uptime guarantee. Services include: Private and Hybrid Cloud, Colocation, Content Delivery Networks, IP Transit, Cloud Storage and Email.


Clients include: office2office, Misys, Cimex, BT plc, Stagecoach, Newsquest, Learndirect,  London School of Economics and Shine TV.


iomart Hosting is an ISO9001 & ISO27001 certified company. The company is fully accredited at Gold Partner level with VMware, Oracle and Microsoft. It is part of AIM listed iomart Group plc.


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