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iOS 8 UK launch – executive commentary from Lee Wade, CEO of Exponential-e

by david.nunes

iOS 8 UK launch – executive commentary from Lee Wade, CEO of Exponential-e

“Retaining its position as a great innovator is a strategic imperative for Apple. At first glance, the new features included in iOS 8 may not seem dramatic but they do reflect how Apple is once again preparing to disrupt the world. 

The introduction of extensions, HomeKit and HealthKit demonstrate how the Internet of Things is starting to mature and the potential it holds for changing how users consume technology on a day-to-day basis. Smart devices, ubiquitous networks and rich applications will converge to meet consumers demands for an embedded, intelligent computing experience. 

However, it’s important to remember that this update will not be confined to a user’s personal life. The demand for a more connected experience will start to infiltrate into the workplace and the cloud will be central to delivering a customised user experience that can be seamlessly transferred from one device to another. To be prepared, organisations need to ensure that they can keep Cloud networks private and secure behind the firewall so that the most important asset in today’s enterprise – its data – is not compromised as we move rapidly towards the Internet of Things.”  

About Exponential-e

Exponential-e is a British Cloud and networking pioneer with a difference. Its Cloud services do not transcend the public Internet. Instead, they reside on a customer’s LAN, on the clean side of the firewall so security and privacy concerns are negated. Exponential-e wholly owns a super-fast 100 Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 VPLS Network that guarantees a superior level of resilience, reliability and performance. Exponential-e’s has never suffered an outage since its inception in 2002. Exponential-e also integrates with third party providers and bespoke applications for both the enterprise and SMEs with an end-to-end SLA.

That’s why it’s trusted by 1,700 customers, boasts 96% customer reference-ability and features in the London Stock Exchange’s Top 1000 Companies to Inspire Britain.

Exponential-e’s services delivered down one pipe, enabling 100% network visibility and control. These include VDC, DaaS and DaaS-GPU, Workplace Recovery, Applications Monitoring & Control, VLAN, WAN, Bandwidth Optimisation, Online Backup, Server Replication, Network Security including DDoS Protection, Managed Centralised Firewall, Voice, Internet and Professional Services. 

Connect with Exponential-e:


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/29666

YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Exponentialltd


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