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IP Fingerprint – Who’s visiting my Website?

by david.nunes

IP Fingerprint – Who’s visiting my Website?

How to turn existing traffic into more business

August 26th 2011 – As a website owner, have you ever wondered why you get 1000s of visitors to your website but unless they actually contact you, you never know who the vast majority of these visitors actually are? Alternatively, have you ever thought the £1000s you spend on Google Adwords yields x amount of visitors, but again unless they contact you, who are the others? Maybe you are frustrated by the conversion rate from your Google Adwords campaign.

Your website statistics system also tells you are getting 1000s of unique visitors… unless they contact you, who are the majority of these unnamed visitors? Why did they visit? What did they look at and who were they?

Well now you can find out who they are and what they did even if they didn’t contact you!

IPfingerprint is intelligent web software that tracks IP addresses of visitors to your website. These IP addresses form the basis of research to find out who the IP address belongs to, in addition the software marries this data up with the behaviour of their actions in visiting your website. The result is a marketing tool that not only tells you the names of businesses visiting your website, but an information tool that reports to you what pages they visited; what products or services they viewed and what they did next, even if what they did next was not contact you and to exit the website!

The software is a web based system and is simply enabled on a website by easily installing a simple line of code into your website.
The software monitors a whole range of information and provides instant access via the ‘control portal’, or can be integrated with your CRM platform. The software can also send out instant or daily alerts via email once a business is identified to have visited your website.
With IPfingerprint a client can view or export visitor data, including which businesses visited (including contact details), when they visited, what pages they looked at and where they came from.

Our team work with our clients to maximise the sales potential of websites. IPfingerprint ensures sales potential is not lost and assists in converting visitors into business.

We are confident that IPfingerprint intelligence software will turn your visitors into more business. We are offering a 14 day FREE TRIAL to allow you to test if it works for your business.

For more information, please visit:


or call 01993 700277
Email: enquiries[at]ipfingerprint[dot]com




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