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iPONT delivers the ‘iPORN’ experience – no more Kleenex(R) for keeping those 3D glasses clean

by david.nunes

iPONT delivers the ‘iPORN’ experience – no more Kleenex® for keeping those 3D glasses clean


iPONT International teams with Penthouse Digital Media Productions Inc. (“Penthouse”) to demonstrate a glasses-free 3D breath-taking experience at MIPCOM


Cannes – 3 October 2011 iPONT International, an innovator and technology partner in the glasses-free 3D market, will be working with the content provider of Penthouse branded product, to demonstrate its glasses-free display screen product at the Penthouse booth located at C1.03. iPONT’s glasses-free 3D ‘iPORN’ experience with Penthouse’s premium branded 3D adult content will set a new standard in realism for immersive adult 3D entertainment.


“Penthouse is the standard bearer for premium adult entertainment, high production values and the finest cinematography” said Matthew Young, director iPONT UK. “When Penthouse launched its 3D linear channel in Europe this year it was only going to be a matter of time before someone took it to the next level of realism. We are absolutely delighted working with Penthouse for the glasses-free 3D demonstration.”


At MIPCOM, iPONT will install a wide-angle 65″ auto-stereoscopic (without-glasses) LCD screen with its proprietary 3D TV box, a device that streams real-time 3D broadcast content from a satellite receiver to the display, performing a ‘true’ real-time stereo to auto-stereo conversion. Content from Penthouse 3D – the first pan European 3D formatted adult channel will be played through the receiver.


“The Penthouse brand and its production team continuously innovate by exhibiting its content via ground-breaking platforms worldwide,” commented Marc Bell, Chief Executive Officer for FriendFinder Networks Inc. “Penthouse 3D has taken its content into high definition 3D in a manner unmatched by any other entertainment company and for MIPCOM, it is breaking new ground, yet again, with an ‘uber-realistic’ glasses-free 3D broadcast that will mesmerise audiences.


With regard to the demonstration, Young continued: “Watching adult content with the use of 3D glasses, may limit the user’s experience. To be able to watch adult content in 3D without glasses will give any viewer an added virtual-participation that brings the content to life in a more limitless environment.


® denotes a registered trademark of Kimberly-Clark Worldwide Inc.


About iPONT International


iPONT International is an innovator and technology partner in the glasses-free (autostereoscopic) 3D market. The company serves both business and consumer markets. iPONT has a complete 3D turn-key solution for designing, distributing and displaying content.


For home entertainment enthusiasts, iPONT’s set-top boxes convert any stereoscopic (with glasses) 3D content to autostereoscopic (without glasses) 3D format, in real-time from any incoming 3D feeds including satellite, cable and terrestrial services.


The company offers a complete multiplatform solution including 3D Blu-Ray integration, live 3D viewing from the Internet, and a back-end 3D broadcast solution to convert source content.


Based in Oxford, UK, iPONT UK is a subsidiary of iPONT International. For more information on iPONT, visit http://www.ipont3d.com



About Penthouse


Globally recognized as a premier adult entertainment and lifestyle brand, Penthouse is part of FriendFinder Networks Inc. (http://www.FFN.com), a leading Internet-based social networking company operating several of the most heavily visited social networking websites in the world, particularly with respect to its adult-oriented websites. In addition, the FriendFinder Networks family of companies produces and distributes original pictorial and video content, licenses its Penthouse brand to a variety of consumer companies and entertainment venues, and publishes branded men’s lifestyle magazines.


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