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ipoque Launches Network Statistics and Traffic Analysis System

by david.nunes

ipoque Launches Network Statistics and Traffic Analysis System

Press Release

Net Reporter: subscriber traffic monitoring, reporting, trend analysis and storage in a single solution.

Leipzig, 24 March 2011 – ipoque, the leading European provider of solutions for Internet Traffic Management, today launched the new Net Reporter product for traffic monitoring, reporting and trend analysis. With aggregated, real-time traffic statistics, the system provides detailed and customizable network visibility for all types of access networks right down to the individual subscriber level.

“Net Reporter is designed to visualize all data streams in a network and present them in clear graphs giving a complete network overview. Customized statistics help service providers get a deep understanding of their network traffic in order to better manage their investment in IP-based services and improve the experience for all subscribers,” says Klaus Mochalski, CEO of ipoque.

Net Reporter aggregates subscriber and network intelligence from ipoque’s PRX Traffic Manager. Using the ability of Net Reporter to analyze, drill down and present vast amounts of network data, the operator business and network engineering can present actionable data in many different ways to support the strategic decision-making process driving investment and increasing ARPU. Net Reporter also supports a time scale with a long-term statistics overview to simplify the identification of subscriber network usage trends and help service providers develop new and tailored service models on top of their next-generation IP networks.

Net Reporter Key Features
The Net Reporter solution was created to meet the increasing analysis demands of ipoque’s fixed provider and mobile operator global customer base. Some key features of Net Reporter version 1.0 are:

  • Complete IP service monitoring
  • Detailed network application usage
  • Per-subscriber and subscriber class usage statistics
  • Detailed drill-down reports from high-level network summaries to real-time individual subscriber usage
  • Real-time & long-term network monitoring
  • Customizable executive and summary reports including e-mail auto-send

More information at http://www.ipoque.com/products/net-reporter.

Download Press Release as PDF.

About ipoque

ipoque is the leading European provider of deep packet inspection (DPI) solutions for Internet traffic management and analysis. ipoque’s PRX Traffic Manager allows network operators and Internet service providers to effectively monitor, shape, optimize, limit and control the resource consumption of network applications on a per-subscriber basis. The integrated quality-of-service (QoS) management functionality allows prioritization and optimization of network traffic to ensure the highest subscriber satisfaction and effective protection of the operator’s infrastructure at the same time. ipoque’s DPI engine reliably detects all relevant protocols and applications found in today’s networks, including the most difficult-to-detect and proprietary protocols such as peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P), instant messaging (IM), Voice over IP (VoIP), tunneling, video and audio streaming, as well as many legacy applications.

For further information see http://www.ipoque.com.

Press Contact

Kristin Wolf | Corporate Communications | ipoque
Mozartstr. 3 | 04107 Leipzig | Germany
phone +49-341- 59 40 30 | fax +49-341- 59 40 30 19
kristin.wolf@ipoque.com | www.ipoque.com

ipoque | Mozartstr. 3 | 04107 Leipzig | Germany | +49-341-59 40 30 | www.ipoque.com

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