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IPsoft addresses 10 million IT incidents without human intervention saving 300,000 man days

by david.nunes

IPsoft addresses 10 million IT incidents without human intervention saving 300,000 man days

London – July 25, 2012: IPsoft today announced a major milestone: its autonomic systems have addressed 10 million customer IT incidents without human intervention.

IPsoft has reached this achievement in a landmark year marking the 100th anniversary of Alan Turing, the computer scientist who famously posed the question: “Can machines think?”

IPsoft’s CEO Chetan Dube answers, “Though general purpose human clones are not here yet, machines are starting to show that in normatively bounded rationalities, machine intelligence is beginning to rival human intelligence. The integration of these bounded worlds, as machines continue to adaptively learn and excel in such domains, will yield the ultimate answer to the 6 decades old Turing challenge when machines achieve parity with human intelligence. With the 10 million incident milestone, IPsoft has empirically demonstrated that in the world of infrastructure management for several Global 2000 companies, the time of machine intelligence has arrived.”

The 10 million milestone represents the number of incidents addressed autonomically since the launch of IPcenter v3, IPsoft’s management portal. Through IPcenter, IPsoft’s expert systems are capable of making a controlled series of decisions. Automation may be applied to any IT process, and is possible as long as there is a programmatic way to describe the path from initial state to ultimate goal. Even the most complicated process, broken down into sub items, can become a long but easy to follow set of decisions. We estimate that based on an average time of 15 minutes to resolve an incident IPsoft would have saved over 300,000 man days since the launch of IPcenter V3.

Typical uses of automation are incident, change, release, and problem management. Even if automation alone does not fully resolve an incident, virtual engineers can assist human engineers in many ways. For example, autonomic systems can provide data, attempt to restart processes, call engineers and update tickets.

“Reaching the 10 million milestone is a huge achievement for the company and also for autonomics,’’ said Terry Walby, Managing Director of IPsoft UK. “Automating processes is cheaper than humans, plus it also means the human operators who are in place are focussed on handling true exceptions and will find their jobs less mundane and hence more rewarding.”

Walby concluded, “We are dedicated to helping businesses solve their IT problems and ensure that their business is as strong as it can be. Autonomics has moved on so much since Turing’s original concept and we are extremely proud that not only have we carried on his principle, but we have also helped businesses solve one of their biggest challenges – uptime.”

About IPsoft

IPsoft is a global managed services provider of autonomic-based services. The company’s mission is to power the world through expert systems, and to that end IPsoft leverages self-learning, self-healing cognitive systems across IT Operations, Cloud Orchestration, Fraud Prevention (FAS) and Business Process Automation. The unique autonomic proposition effectively manages operations while reducing human error and providing enhanced service levels. Headquartered in New York City, IPsoft has operations in ten countries across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific supporting enterprise customers, service providers and telecommunications companies.



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