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The hype currently surrounding IPTV is nothing short of incredible. With a whole host of predictions and statistics flying around, we’ve spoken to five major execs in the space to get their thoughts.

I’m emailing you as I wanted to share an absolutely free copy of the Connected TV report we’ve commissioned off the back of these conversations.

The comments are pretty revealing with a lot of talk about companion devices, content owner relationships and consumer education.

The report is split into five key topic areas including some first-hand analysis of content owner, broadcaster and technology relationships, the rise in connected TV advertising, social TV and recommendations, the second-screen and expected market movements in 2012.

The report is compiled from exclusive interviews with these contributors who are right at the heart of the IPTV community:

–    Karla Geci, Strategic Partner Development, Facebook
–    Edward Uzzell. Proposition Development Manager, Sony
–    Anthony Rose, Co-Founder, Zeebox (Former CTO YouView and BBC iPlayer Head)
–    Shirlene Chandrapal, Vice President Connected TV, Smartclip
–    Dan Saunders, Head of Content Services, Samsung

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And please email me with your feedback – I’m interested to hear what you think!

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