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IPv6 update: Fluidata the first UK ISP to commit to 100 per cent dual-stack connections for all new contracts

by david.nunes

IPv6 update: Fluidata the first UK ISP to commit to 100 per cent dual-stack connections for all new contracts 

“The urgency to adopt IPv6 is pressing. The industry must get behind it as a priority”, Piers Daniell, MD, Fluidata


London – 12 May 2011 – In a step designed to encourage other telecommunications providers to drive urgent Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) adoption in the UK, Fluidata has become the first data communications company to guarantee that, from 8 June (World IPv6 Day), all new connections will be dual-stack as standard and, therefore, IPv6 enabled.


This means that, while others scrabble for remaining IPv4 addresses, all new customers will be assigned IPv6 lines, addresses and routers as standard.  This will happened automatically so customers will experience no changes in service or additional costs during this time.


In February of this year, the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority depleted its remaining pool of IPv4 addresses by dividing it up among the various regional registries. Despite the fact that 95 per cent of all IPv4 addresses are already being used, a recent study showed that IPv6 represents less than one per cent or 0.3 per cent of all Internet traffic.


Piers Daniell, MD, Fluidata comments: “The message isn’t getting through; IPv6 is not being offered as standard anywhere within the market and so we’re putting a stake in the ground and urge the rest of the industry to follow. IPv6 adoption must be a priority if business is to grow.


“Up until now, the industry has been reticent to invest seriously in providing dual-stack because there’s been nothing to gain financially and, some would argue, unwanted associated costs to us as service providers. We recognise that this is a necessary step in avoiding what the NRO calls a ‘chaotic scramble’ for addresses which will increase Internet costs and stability.”


Earlier this year Microsoft reported that it was forced to spent $7.5 million on IPv4 web addresses due to a lack of readiness on the part of the carriers. Daniell believes that companies face similar costs if network operators don’t take IPv6 adoption seriously now.


“Businesses need to be able to rely on the carriers to be ready for IPv6 but, as recent examples have shown, some companies end up footing the bill. Choosing a service provider that can offer dual-stack ensures that your future growth doesn’t rely on paying over the odds for a disappearing technology. Early investment on the part of the operators would mitigate any future costs of this kind.”


About Fluidata:

Fluidata is a premium data communications company. It provides businesses with data and connectivity services, including business-grade broadband.


If you are a journalist or blogger and would like more information on Fluidata, or to speak to MD, Piers Daniell, please contact:

Kate Hartley

Carrot Communications

0203 178 5052 / 0771 406 5233


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