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IRIS Audio Technologies accelerates US expansion, announcing Toby Brzoznowski as EVP Americas

by Anthony Weaver
  • The Co-Founder of AI unicorn, LLamasoft, joins IRIS as the company rolls out its flagship IRIS Clarity solution in the US
  • IRIS Clarity is set to revolutionize the $27.2 billion US call center market for both agents and customers

Ann Arbor, Michigan; 2nd November 2022:  IRIS Audio Technologies, the team behind the AI-powered voice isolation software IRIS Clarity which is revolutionizing the call center industry, has announced its accelerated rollout into the US. To spearhead this growth, investor and business advisor, Toby Brzoznowski, has been appointed EVP Americas and has joined the company’s board.

Brzoznowski co-founded LLamasoft, where, as Chief Strategy Officer, he grew the company from a two-person startup to over 700 global employees and towards a $1.5B acquisition. As an investor and advisor with over 25 years of experience in building and growing high-tech businesses, his unique focus on growth strategy and value creation for early-stage technology companies makes him an invaluable driver in IRIS’ growth across the US market. Alongside his board position and EVP Americas role, Brzoznowski has also invested in IRIS Audio Technologies.

A core focus for IRIS’ growth in the US will be call centers, speech analytics, and specialist communications. The US call center industry alone is currently valued at $27.2 billion, and with background noise impacting customer experience, agent productivity, and wellbeing, IRIS Clarity is well positioned to transform the KPIs that call center businesses run on. 

One example is average call handling time. A recent study carried out by IRIS showed that 85% of agents say background noise had caused them to repeat themselves, and 87% of customers stated the same. Eliminating background noise will inevitably reduce repetition, and cutting even just a few seconds from average call handling times can save call centers hundreds of thousands of dollars annually. 

“When evaluating a company’s potential, I typically look for three things: unique technology, a large addressable market, and a strong leadership team,” said Toby Brzoznowski. “IRIS scores extremely high in all three categories, and the enthusiastic customer validation for IRIS Clarity makes this an exciting opportunity for hyper-growth in the Americas.”

Jacobi Anstruther, Founder & CEO at IRIS Audio Technologies, added: “Toby is not only a key investor in IRIS; with his incredible experience building unicorn B2B SaaS businesses, he will also be a driving force in executing our ambitious growth agenda as EVP Americas. Toby will lead our sales operation for clients across the call center, speech analytics, and specialist communication sectors, ensuring the power of IRIS Clarity drives value for forward thinking, innovative businesses.”

About IRIS Clarity 

IRIS Clarity is an AI-powered software solution that removes distracting background noise from your VoIP and customer calls. Real-time and bi-directional, IRIS Clarity allows participants on both sides of a call to immediately enjoy clearer sound, no matter where they are. IRIS Clarity improves focus, engagement, and wellbeing, bringing control to otherwise uncontrollable environments.

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