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Irish Operator Explains How A2P Messaging Can Save MNOs Billions

by david.nunes

Commercial Director from Irish Operator Explains How A2P Messaging Can Save MNOs Billions

17 November 2014 – During his time at O2 Ireland as Commercial Director, Brian D’Arcy looked to drive the operator’s A2P (Application-to-Person) market in order to gain substantial revenues and provide an improved service to its business and consumer customers. By implementing a SMS filtering system across its A2P messaging routes, he more than achieved this goal by creating a €2.5 million revenue saving and winning a share of the annual revenues currently being lost to the grey messaging market.

In this interview D’Arcy discusses how grey route A2P messaging is affecting the market and why he took the decision to implement SMS filters during his time at O2 Ireland. He explains how logical and easy it is for operators to install a filtering solution that identifies the P2P (Peer-to-Peer) traffic against A2P traffic and that once that traffic has been identified, the filter enables operators to bill for it. He also talks about how operators need to build an environment where aggregators can connect with them – for operators it’s about protecting what they have and opening up a route for legitimate established aggregators who can buy messages at a proper wholesale rate and retail them at a proper retail rate.

As a major aggregator in the A2P space, D’Arcy highlights Dialogue’s involvement in the solution and discusses the huge opportunity that A2P messaging presents for operators based on his experience. Dialogue is already working with many operators to help them monetise and realise the revenue potential that can be gained through A2P, including O2, Telkomsel, Grameenphone and Telstra.

Perry Offer, CEO, Dialogue Group, says: “The implementation of the SMS filtering technology is attractive for MNOs as it generates new sustainable revenues. With the launch of our A2P SMART Hub Dialogue helps MNOs identifyA2P traffic from P2P traffic, and by opening up a legitimate route for trusted SMS vendors to deliver A2P messages, MNOs can be confident that they receive revenue for messages terminated on their network. It’s about the successful delivery of 100% on-net SMS traffic.”

Brian has now joined Anam Technologies, a leading revenue assurance provider for mobile operators. To view the video, please go to:


About Dialogue Group

Dialogue Group is the longest established international SMS messaging company as it approaches its 21st anniversary. It has extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of the A2P market and through its A2P SMART Hub – a totally unique solution that guides operators through all the processes they need to filter their ‘grey route’ traffic – the company helps Mobile Network Operators to realise millions of dollars in additional revenues each year. Dialogue Group is a member of GSMA which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, the company has offices in London, Sydney, Cape Town and Singapore. For more information visit http://www.dialogue.net/.


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