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Iskratel Chooses Octasic’s Vocallo MGW to Support Demand for IP-to-IP Transcoding

by david.nunes

Iskratel’s New SI3000 Signaling and Media Gateway Employs the Vocallo Multi-core DSP Platform for High Capacity, Low Latency Audio Transcoding

MONTREAL, Canada and KRANJ, Slovenia – December 13, 2010 – Octasic Inc., a leading innovator of media processing and wireless solutions, today announced that its Vocallo MGW multi-core DSP platform has been selected by Iskratel, a leading developer of adapted and highly-integrated solutions in the field of communications for fast-growing convergent networks. Iskratel has integrated Octasic’s Vocallo MGW platform into the latest version of its well-known and field-proven signaling and media gateway, the SI3000 SMG, launched in October.

Iskratel’s new product version includes a peripheral blade equipped with Octasic’s Vocallo MGW multi-core processor for voice and video over IP. Using Iskratel’s SI3000 SMG, operators can upgrade their infrastructure to a next-generation IP network, while still keeping their existing equipment in place, to offer voice services with an optimal user experience.

“The deployment of softswitch-based architectures is a growing trend, but like most telecom operators, our customers have made substantial investments in their network infrastructure and aren’t looking to rebuild from scratch to match this trend,” said Matjaž Jelen, product manager at Iskratel. “Using our latest SI3000 SMG, our customers are now able to take full advantage of the new multi-core processing power for wideband codecs, audio transcoding and voice quality enhancement. With Octasic’s Vocallo MGW multi-core processors, which bring high capacity, low latency audio transcoding, we can offer an all-in-one solution that delivers the ultimate in network deployment flexibility.”

Iskratel has equipped its new SI3000 SMG blade with Octasic’s Vocallo MGW multi-core processor to offer its customers a broad spectrum of wideband codecs for HD voice applications, as well as Octasic’s patented echo cancellation and voice quality enhancement algorithms. Based on Octasic’s ultra-low power Opus DSP core architecture, Vocallo MGW can transcode more than 400 channels from G.711 to G.729AB on a single DSP, while consuming less than 2 watts of power, delivering the highest capacity solution for audio transcoding in the IP domain. Additionally, Octasic uses a sophisticated scheduling algorithm that dispatches packet transcode tasks across multi-core hardware to reduce processing latency, meaning a better voice quality experience for end users.

“We’re very proud to have our Vocallo MGW selected by Iskratel, who is well known in the industry for delivering carrier-class communications products,” said Fabio Gambacorta, Vice President Sales at Octasic. “As more and more mobile networks transition to a fully IP-based architecture and the adoption of wideband audio increases, the need for high-capacity transcoding becomes even more critical. Operators will find that our combined solution meets all of their audio transcoding needs.”

About Iskratel

Iskratel is a leading developer of adapted and highly integrated solutions in the field of communications for fast-growing convergent networks.

The high quality of its advanced high-technology networking elements and infrastructure configurations makes the company one of the key innovators of such technologies.

By integrating its experience and know-how with creativity and innovations, Iskratel meets the demands of existing network support and develops convergent IP-architectures that can be adapted to the particular regional needs and to subscribers’ preferences.

Iskratel group has about 1200 employees, 300 of them work in affiliated companies in 20 countries of the world. Iskratel offers integrated solutions in telecommunications for fixed telephone communications, mobile telephony, convergent IP networks and network management.


About Octasic

Octasic Inc. is a global provider of media and wireless baseband processing silicon and software solutions for the converged carrier, enterprise and end-point communication equipment markets. The company’s leading quality VoIP, HD video and multi-standard wireless basestation multi-core DSP solutions are based on Opus, a unique asynchronous DSP architecture. Octasic allows next-generation equipment manufacturers to significantly reduce system costs by offering unmatched performance in terms of density and power consumption. Founded in 1998, Octasic is a privately-held company headquartered in Montreal, Canada.

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