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Israeli Satellite Television Company yes Selects HomePNA

by david.nunes

Israeli Satellite Television Company yes Selects HomePNA for its “yes.Multiroom” Deployments

Innovative Service Provider Continues to Depend on HomePNA High Speed Existing Wire Home Networking Technology for Demanding New Services

Beaverton, Ore and Tel Aviv, Israel, 30 July 2013


· Israeli service provider – yes satellite – uses HomePNA technology for its new yes.Multiroom service

· HomePNA already proven for yes home networking as a reliable high speed backbone for its widely deployed Video on Demand (VoD) service

yes, Israel’s satellite television provider, and the HomeGrid Forum, today announced that yes is using HomePNA home networking technology to power yes.Multiroom, its new whole-home digital video recorder (DVR) offering. The company chose to expand its commitment to HomePNA networking because of its field- proven capabilities as a high quality networking technology.

yes.Multiroom allows users to view a movie recorded on a yesMax Total DVR in any room of the house.  Customers can start watching a movie in one room, pause it and continue watching in another. Along with yes.Multiroom, yes has introduced a new user interface incorporating a “personal viewing recommendation engine.”

“yes is a technology-driven company that strives to offer its customers leading edge products that enhance their viewing experience,” said Itzhak Elyakim, vice president of engineering and CTO of yes. “We have depended on HomePNA home networking technology over the last two years for our successful Video on Demand (VoD) service deployments.  The success of that experience made HomePNA the obvious choice for our new yes.Multiroom, providing a reliable high speed backbone to distribute DVR service throughout our customers’ homes.”

“Since its founding, yes satellite has led the market in introducing services that leverage enabling technologies, like HomePNA, to deliver a great experience and services to its customers,” said Eran Gureshnik, former president of the HomePNA Alliance and special HomePNA advisor to the HomeGrid Board. “We are very pleased that yes continues to depend on HomePNA technology for its latest and most demanding products and services.”

Over 40 million certified HomePNA products have been shipped to telco, satellite, and cable service providers of all sizes worldwide, supplying critical components of their IP based service deployments.  HomePNA technology is based on an open ITU-T standard (G.9954) and is included in the DLNA Interoperability Guidelines. The wide range of certified HomePNA products can be found on HomeGrid’s HomePNA Products web page.

About HomeGrid Forum
HomeGrid Forum (HGF) merged with the HomePNA Alliance in May 2013, to form an industry alliance of over 70 members including some of the world’s largest Service Providers, system manufacturers, and silicon companies. HGF is the leading organization for promoting advanced wired home networking. While supporting the existing base of HomePNA deployments, the combined organization promotes the smooth transition of all wireline home networking technologies to a single, unified, multi-sourced home networking technology, G.hn, over coax, phone wires, powerline, and plastic optic fiber. HGF provides silicon and system certification through its compliance and interoperability testing programs to ensure that service providers and retail customers can have great confidence in all G.hn and HomePNA products.

For more information on the expanded HomeGrid Forum, please visit www.homegridforum.org or follow us on http://twitter.com/homegrid_forum.

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