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Italtel launches iVLS virtual softswitch and announces a Partner Program

by david.nunes


Italtel launches iVLS virtual softswitch and announces a

Partner Program

Milan, February 28, 2011 – Italtel, a leader in next generation networks and services, expands its solutions portfolio for regional and local Service Providers with iMSS VLiteSwitchTM (i-VLS), an innovative “compact Softswitch” deployed on commercial Hw and Middleware (VMWare VSphereTM 4).

i-VLS derives from current i-SSW Italtel Sw platform – a Market Leader in EMEA for large Service Providers NGN-IMS networks since 2004 – and benefits from Italtel experience in designing and developing full softswitch-based solutions for the main Service Provider in Italy, EMEA and LATAM.

iVLS allows Italtel to address a new market segment that includes medium and small Service Providers (up to 30.000 users and 8.000 contemporary calls) with business and residential customers, both VoIP and traditional (POTS/ISDN).

The i-VLS product has been specifically conceived for indirect sales channel through qualified partners playing the role of product distributor and system integrator within Italtel Partner Program.

The development of iVLS innovative system, designed for Cloud Computing environment, and the launch of a new business model are the tangible outcome of the important activity of renewing our positioning and market presence that has been set up in the last few months, said Stefano Pileri, Italtel CEO -. In recent years Italtel completed important projects in Italy and on International markets. The new Partner Program and the development of specific products allow Italtel to move to other segments like middle and small Service Providers”.

Economics are a key issue in i-VLS development, maintenance and delivery in order to provide to Italtel partners and Italtel partners’ customers a cost effective solution for coping with their business needs. In addition to the adoption of a cost-effective commercial Hw platform, a specific tailoring of product lifecycle management, delivery and field operation support process has been defined to grant process efficiency to i-VLS product stakeholders.

To join Italtel Partner Program, partners follow a modular training program that enables system integrators to sell, deliver and support in field iVLS-based solutions. The Program has different levels of certification for specialists providing pre-sale and post-sale activities.

The Italtel Group

Italtel designs, develops, implements solutions for NGN and NGS; Professional Services dedicated to the design and maintenance of networks; IT System Integration Services; Network Integration and migration activities. Italtel counts among its customers more than 40 of the world’s top TLC Operators and SPs. In Italy Italtel is also reference partner of Enterprises and Public Sector for the deployment of IP Next-Generation Networks and for the development of multimedia convergent services for their customers. Italtel is present in 25 countries including France, UK, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Argentina, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia. www.italtel.com.

Contact details: Laura Borlenghi

Tel.: +39 02 4388 5275

Mobile: +39 335 769 4240

E-mail: laura.borlenghi@italtel.it


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