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ITS Technologies – Turnkey Solutions for High-speed

by david.nunes

ITS Technologies – Turnkey Solutions for High-speed

Broadband connectivity


In a world where technological development never stands still it is essential to keep pace with constantly advancing parameters and the ever changing requirements of a highly demanding marketplace. Education, healthcare, communication, security and the multi-faceted broadcast and entertainment industries all rely on the provision of world class optical fibre technologies.

Dark or Lit, Residential or Commercial; ITS Technologies is the only vendor who can manufacture, design, fund, deploy and maintain your fibre network. The company works in partnership with organisations that require managed uninterrupted communications between multiple locations, or wish to operate their own networks, providing dedicated point-to-point connectivity for the purpose of transporting critical traffic as cost-effectively as possible. With increasing business demands for modern methods of communication capability and convergence including the internet, email, VoIP and larger IT capacity organisations that need greater bandwidth which fibre optics provide.

Bespoke fibre optic networking solutions deliver a raft of commercial and technical benefits to both public sector and

private organisations. Future-proofed and scalable, fibre networks can grow alongside business needs representing the investment protection and cost benefits so sought after in such a tough economic climate.

ITS Technologies is a front runner in the provision of ultra-high bandwidth including ‘fibre to the home (FTTH)’ and ‘fibre to the premise (FTTP)’ connectivity services throughout the UK providing communities with the high speed connectivity required to avoid digital discrimination and drive social inclusion, increased remote capability, tele-medicine and enhanced security.

In a recent interview John Bookless – CEO, stated: “Through our Joint Venture Partnership with B3 Industries our enterprise is now a global, state-of-the-art Communications Company that is substantially larger and financially stronger organisation, we believe the rapidly evolving communications market represents an extraordinary opportunity for us, and we are well positioned to capitalise on it.”

John continued: “Business remains strong and our number one objective is to remain focussed on providing an industry-leading customer experience, while also achieving our expected synergies. I’m particularly pleased with the management team we’ve put in place to lead the company. I believe that we have an exceptionally strong group of senior executives to drive the business forward on a global basis.”



ITS Technologies is a premier international provider of fibre optic communications services and IT Outsourcing to enterprise, content/service providers, government and private sector customers. The company operates a unique ‘turnkey’ services platform anchored by its world-wide joint venture partners.

 For more information, contact info@its-technology.net or visit www.its-technology.net


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