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ITU teams up with leading Asian standards organizations

by david.nunes



ITU teams up with leading Asian standards organizations



Signatories recognize ITU’s premier global role



Geneva, 6 July, 2011 – ITU has signed an agreement with key Asian standards developers that will mean new technologies come to market quicker and at lower cost. ARIB, CCSA, TTA and TTC have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with ITU recognizing ITU as the pre-eminent global ICT standards body. The agreement seeks to smooth the way for regional standards, developed in these four key regional bodies, to be internationally recognized.


The MoU will build on the good relationship ITU has built with all four bodies over many years, increase transparency between the organizations, avoid duplication of work and increase efficiency in the publication of standards. All of which means that product manufacturers will be able to more efficiently incorporate globally standardized solutions in their products, leading to greater economies of scale and lower costs to consumers.


The agreement will bring better access for ARIB, CCSA, TTA and TTC to international standards-making activities, allowing all partners to profit from information sharing on the standardization aspects of nascent technologies. The MoU will also encourage the identification of topics for joint work programmes in order to avoid duplication.


Dr Hamadoun Touré, Secretary-General, ITU: “China, Japan and Korea have been at the forefront of the development of many of the technologies that underpin the information society. At the same time, all three countries have shown a commitment to the development of the international standards that provide the interoperability needed to seamlessly connect the world. This agreement cements the relationship between ITU and four premier standards organizations in the region.”


Masayoshi Wakao, Secretary General, ARIB: “This MoU presents an enormous range of benefits to the ICT industry. While our joint efforts will benefit all participating organizations, the real winners will be industry and ultimately consumers. More efficient and effective global standardization activities will facilitate an open global market for systems, lowering costs and providing for global interoperability.”


Zemin Yang, Secretary General, CCSA: “ITU is the globally recognized leader in international ICT standards. CCSA is a longtime contributor to and supporter of the ITU standards process. We welcome the opportunity to join with regional partners to improve efficiency and underline this relationship. This cooperation is not only for the benefit of the partners but also in the interest of the global ICT industry.”


Keun-Hyeob Lee, President of TTA: “TTA welcomes this MoU which will become the foundation for further strengthening the relationship among the five organizations. TTA believes that this MoU will create the momentum for moving forward with international standardization of newly emerging ICT technologies.”


Yoichi Maeda, CEO, TTC: “TTC welcomes this MoU which leverages expertise in some of the most technologically innovative minds in the world today. This is a sign of visionary and constructive thinking. The collective power of  ITU herein will surely bring benefits to the creation of standards that reflect the needs of a very demanding ICT market.”



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