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ITV Studios Uses Modern IPTV Video Distribution Technology in New Studios & Production Facility

by david.nunes

ITV Studios Uses Modern IPTV Video Distribution Technology in New Studios & Production Facility


ITV Studios Emmerdale Production Facility embraces new IP methods to improve production efficiency and capabilities


Edinburgh, Scotland, 24th November 2011: Exterity, the Building IPTV specialist, today announces that its innovative IPTV solution has been adopted by ITV Studios newly launched Emmerdale Production Centre in Leeds.


The bespoke Building IPTV set-up runs over the facility’s IP network and manages all feeds from the five new studios through two production galleries. It enables:

·         production staff to simultaneously access live feeds via display screens throughout the site and individual Mac and PC desktops in offices and production suites

·         cast, crew and visitors to view the studio feeds and Freeview television from 35 screens throughout the building, including in the green room, offices and restaurant

·         team members to instantly see which studios are in record mode

·         production staff to overlay text on each feed, highlighting episode and scene information as well as additional information such as which cast members are due on set.


The installation is part of a complete overhaul of the Leeds facility, and the content streaming set-up was designed and installed by Netvue, an IPTV streaming systems specialist. It gives real-time access to studio feeds and live TV throughout the building via Exterity’s range of HD and SD AvediaStream Encoders, AvediaStream TVgateways and AvediaPlayer HD Receivers.


“The planning and build of our new facility has given us a great opportunity to review and overhaul the ways in which we use technology in our production process,” says Nick Sanders, Technical Manager (Continuing Drama) ITV. “A show such as Emmerdale, which now airs 312 episodes a year, is operationally a huge undertaking and the incorporation of new digital technologies and processes is enabling the whole team to work more efficiently than has ever been possible in the past.”


Colin Farquhar, CEO, Exterity adds; “Building IPTV technology helps organisations to use their existing IP network to harness and maximise their use of internal and external video and TV content. As such, ITV Studios is now using the same network that furnishes access to business applications, email, internet and IP phone to also distribute live camera feeds throughout its new facility. In a fast-moving industry where access to video content is everything, efficiency and reliability cannot be optional.”


Jonathan Rackowe, Technical Director, Netvue concludes; “When it came to a choice between a traditional coaxial cabling system or IPTV, it was a no-brainer for ITV. A future-proof, HD-capable IPTV set-up is the only sensible option for a refurb or new-build project of this scale. The Emmerdale Production team has gained all the advantages of IP digital TV distribution and system management by choosing to opt for Exterity IPTV.”



For more information, please contact:
Emma Bridgeman / Kate Hyslop
Rocket Communications
+44 (0)8453 707 024


About Exterity
Exterity Limited, the building IPTV specialist, has been delivering enterprise-class building IPTV solutions since 2001, and today its products are in use in 30 countries by some of the world’s best-known corporations. Exterity products enable organizations to distribute broadcast-quality digital TV and video over building or campus IP networks (LANs) to a virtually unlimited number of users, with centralized management, configuration, and control. Unlike traditional analogue systems, Exterity systems can support an unlimited number of channels, and picture quality is unaffected by the addition of displays or users. Based on industry standards, Exterity products integrate easily with other solutions such as digital signage, hotel property management systems, patient information systems, and others.


Exterity is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. www.exterity.com


About Netvue
Netvue specialises in new technology IPTV, VOD and Digital Signage solutions. Netvue IPTV systems distribute live broadcast TV, streamed video channels and Digital Signage all around a building on the computer network. There is no need for co-ax cabling and the systems have the added benefit that users can watch TV and video on computers as well as LCD and Plasma display screens.


Netvue is based in London, England, UK. www.netvue.co.uk


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