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IX Reach Connects the 100th Partner Customer at DE-CIX

by david.nunes

IX Reach Connects the 100th Partner Customer at DE-CIX

12/08/2014 London, UK

On 12th August 2014, it was announced that IX Reach, the global leading provider of wholesale carrier services, connectivity solutions and specialists in remote peering, connected the 100th end customer via the Partner Program to the DE-CIX Exchange in Frankfurt, Germany.

IX Reach connected Lepida SpA, an Italian telecoms company, via a 1GE port at the DE-CIX Exchange; as well as this, IX Reach provided them with two 1GE ports at LINX in London and France-IX in Paris. Capacity services were also included, in the form of a 2.5G/10GE connection from MIX in Milan.

Gianluca Mazzini, DG of Lepida SpA commented, “We have been looking to expand our network presence and it was clear that by working with IX Reach, we could do this using their Remote Peering services.” Gianluca Mazzini continued, “By increasing our peering points, we are able to receive all of the benefits of peering, without the need to secure colocation space or hardware infrastructure. Our local partners also receive the same benefits, increasing their competitive advantage.”

Using IX Reach for their most recent network expansion, Lepida SpA will broaden their reach through three of Europe’s largest Internet Exchanges. As a result, enabling Lepida SpA to provide their regional and international customers with direct and low-latency data transport to over 1,000 European peer networks.

“We are delighted to reach this significant milestone alongside IX Reach and Lepida SpA,” commented Andreas Sturm, Head of Business Development at DE-CIX. Sturm continued, “Over the years IX Reach has played a vital role in supporting the on-going expansion of DE-CIX and its entry into new markets such as the Middle East and the USA. This is a great reward for IX Reach to have the satisfaction of connecting the 100th end customer through the Partner Program.”

To find out more about the full range of connectivity solutions IX Reach provides, visit www.ixreach.com.

About IX Reach

IX Reach is a global leading provider of wholesale carrier services and bundled connectivity solutions for carriers, ISPs, content providers and networks, such as: IX Remote Peering, low latency Global high-Speed Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Capacity, extensive Metro Ethernet in major cities, BGP Transit, Cloud Connectivity solutions and Colocation.

Since 2007, IX Reach has cultivated an unrivalled partner network of key Internet Exchanges; data centres and cloud operators, while expanding the network globally in order to continue providing customers with all the benefits of one solution for their connectivity requirements.

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