Ixonos adds Qualcomm chipset to its technology base to create Android devices

15 June 2011

Ixonos has licensed Qualcomm’s chipset technology, which enables the design and development of a variety of connected Android devices to be delivered to the company’s global clientele as turnkey development projects.


The use of Qualcomm’s technology enables Ixonos to efficiently and quickly develop connected devices for the vigorous market, where numerous device manufacturers have picked out Qualcomm and Android as their chosen platforms.

Ixonos is committed to developing partnerships with leading technology vendors into mutually beneficial long-term relationships which drive the wireless industry forward. “We see the Qualcomm license agreement as a great opportunity for Ixonos to become a leading device creation R&D service provider for Android on Qualcomm chipsets”, Happonen says.

Ixonos expects the first devices designed on Qualcomm’s chips to ship during the first half of 2012. As support for every major operating system comes standard on Qualcomm’s chipsets, Ixonos plans to utilize them also on devices based on MeeGo and other open source OSs in the future.