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Jadu Universe cloud apps unlock potential for savings through UK Government’s G-Cloud catalogue

by david.nunes

Jadu Universe cloud apps unlock potential for savings through UK Government’s G-Cloud catalogue


Jadu, a UK based Web Experience Management supplier, today announced a new cloud-based offering for its line of web content management (WCM), online forms and mobile web tools which have been listed on the Government’s G-Cloud ‘CloudStore’.


G-Cloud is the Government’s formal channel for procuring cloud services. Jadu was among over 600 companies bidding for a place on the G-Cloud catalogue and is now one of the 255 successful suppliers selected for the framework. The G-Cloud is expected to revolutionise the way the Government buys IT, potentially saving millions in licensing, infrastructure and service costs, as well as making Government services digitally enabled much faster.


Jadu’s new cloud offering, called ‘Universe Cloud’, has been listed under two lots in the UK Government ‘G-Cloud App store’ of enterprise IaaS, PaaS and SaaS solutions available to service the public sector. Jadu has put its digital forms and data capture solution ‘Jadu Universe Forms’ and its mobile web application network ‘Weejot’ in the G-Cloud list of products and services.


“Millions of pounds have been spent on outsourcing deals with large IT services companies for web solutions that can otherwise be implemented quickly and easily by SMEs in the cloud,” says Suraj Kika, CEO of Jadu. “SMEs like Jadu can deliver faster, cheaper and more secure solutions, enabling Government to innovate and deliver services much faster.”


The Government’s G-Cloud strategy states that it could save £3.2bn of the Governments annual £16bn spend on IT, actually it’s likely to be much more, but only if departments in Government adopt the service.


“CloudStore represents a revolution in how the public sector buys software and services,” says Kika. “This bold move has potential to showcase the UK as a global leader in online service delivery, providing the procurement culture in Government evolves to take advantage.”


Jadu’s Universe Forms product is currently used for online forms on the Directgov website as well as scores of Local Authorities across the UK. The solution for Directgov was delivered in 2011 to help build online transactions for the existing Directgov service.


Jadu’s ‘Weejot’ mobile app network provides organisations with the unique ability to rapidly develop mobile web applications though a powerful SDK (Software Development Kit) and SaaS infrastructure. Using the mobile web, organisations can save significant time and costs over building native apps for the growing number of device platforms.


“We will be opening the Jadu Universe Cloud to any organisation in any sector, not just Government. Soon, any enterprise will be able to instantly provision Jadu applications, try them, adopt them and begin rapid business transformation using the Jadu Universe Platform. All the apps we make from now on will be Universe Cloud first,” adds Kika.


Jadu has had success in Local Government and Higher Education with adoption of the Weejot Mobile Cloud service (launched last November) – with early adoption from South Lanarkshire Council, City of Edinburgh Council, Enfield Council, Coventry City Council and several US Higher Education institutions.




Quote from in-bound SOCITM president and Head of IT at South Lanarkshire Council, Kay Brown:
“An interesting statistic is that by 2014 more people will access the Internet via mobile devices rather than desk top. We were aware of the trend and with Jadu developed a device neutral [Weejot] mobile presence that can be adapted to meet seasonal requirements. It basically uses the existing content from our CMS and was developed in a relatively short time and at a low cost. We are pleased with this as a contribution to our channel shift and our ability to meet our customer requirements…”


About Jadu 
Jadu specializes in the design and development of rich web experiences that support websites, intranets and extranets and mobile web applications. Jadu develops the ‘Jadu Universe Platform’; a suite consisting of Web Content Management, Online forms, Search and cloud based Mobile web applications. The company’s UK clients include more than 50 local Councils, Directgov (Government Digital Service), the universities of Leeds and Northampton and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.


Jadu’s Weejot network provides organisations with powerful, task oriented management tools to easily create mobile applications using content from any back office or web based data source through a hosted, fully managed cloud mobile service.


Utilizing the powerful MyJadu API that underpins the Jadu CMS, content and data from the CMS is presented through a series of mobile app templates. Administrators of the Jadu CMS are able to access the Weejot AppStudio through the Jadu Control Centre and publish content to their mobile web site.


You can mobilize your back office systems, databases and websites by developing your own AppTemplates, enabling you to create mobile web apps for any purpose and delivering them through the Jadu Mobile Web framework.


Jadu has been implementing hybrid on-premise and cloud software for Government since it launched its Twitter management app in 2009. Jadu has also recently announced the launch of a cloud-based mobile web delivery service called ‘Weejot’, which integrates natively with the Jadu Universe Web Experience Management Platform. The Weejot service enables non-technical marketers to create and deploy mobile web apps in minutes as well as providing a Software Development Kit (SDK) for developers to build their own mobile web apps for the service.


For more information visit: www.weejot.com and www.jadu.net/cloud


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