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Jasco announces Genesys eServices recording

by david.nunes

Jasco announces Genesys eServices recording

7 October 2015

Jasco announced an exciting new offering as part of their latest update to the DataVoice Libra Recorder solution, Libra V9.0. It offers a number of new features and functionality enhancements to the enterprise-class voice recording, storage and retrieval solution. One of the most innovative of these is the Genesys eServices Recording module which allows for the recording of all non-voice interaction channels within a Genesys contact centre environment such as email, web chat and social media interactions.

“The new module is tightly integrated with both the Genesys contact centre platform and the Libra recorder. It was developed in response to market demand and prevailing trends, dramatically extending the DataVoice offering for Genesys contact centres and addressing the growing requirements of the multi-channel contact centre,” says De Villiers de Wet, Manager: Product Development at Jasco.

The solution presents voice and eServices recordings seamlessly within the familiar WebRecall interface. This ensures that the new functionality can be leveraged without the requirement for additional user training. In addition, quality management of customer interactions can be easily extended to incorporate a variety of non-voice channels. This is increasingly important given the growing number of interactions that take place outside of the traditional voice channel within the contact centre.

Quality management of eServices interactions is the main driver behind this offering, as developing effective and intuitive customer service is a critical competitive differentiator in contact centres. The DataVoice Quality Management module links seamlessly with the eServices recording module and now allows quality assessors the choice of randomly selecting voice and non-voice interactions for agent assessment purposes.

“The eServices Recording solution starts to record screen activity automatically the moment a specified interaction is presented to the agent, whether or not they accept the interaction. Screen recordings of eServices interactions can be therefore be used for a number of purposes in the contact centre besides quality management, further extending the value of this solution. For example, agents ignoring eServices channels can be identified easily and any abuse and misconduct can be identified. Non-compliance with processes can be addressed and the efficiency of workflows around non-voice interactions can be assessed. These screen recordings can also be used for training purposes to show agents what to do and what not to do in various scenarios,” says De Wet.

In addition, selected elements from the Genesys User Data fields can be captured to enrich the recording metadata. This includes email addresses and subjects, interaction IDs, customer reference numbers, names and more. This helps to tie various related interactions together for improved case management and enables use of the built-in Quick Filter mechanism on any of these fields to easily find related interactions. This solution also supports recording in multi-tenant and hosted Genesys environments.

“Contact centres constantly need to focus on improving customer service, and the more information they have available the more they are empowered to do this. By incorporating non-voice interaction recordings with voice recordings and enabling them to be linked and searchable by metadata, contact centres can improve the quality of agent interaction as well as the service they offer customers, while leveraging next-generation interaction channels,” De Wet concludes.

Libra V9.0 and the new Genesys eServices Recording module is available immediately from Jasco Enterprise and its other sales channels.

About the Jasco Group

Jasco delivers end-to-end best-of-breed solutions across the entire ICT value chain. Our services include solution design, business consulting, project management and logistics to manage the supply, installation and commissioning of solutions; and professional services to provide integration and customisation of solutions; managed services, support and maintenance.

Jasco’s operating divisions, namely Intelligent Technologies, Enterprise, Carriers and Electrical Manufacturers deliver a range of solutions and services. Intelligent Technologies delivers broadcast, power, data centres and Property Technology Management (PTM) solutions as well as Energy Optimisation and Co-location services, a carrier-neutral co-location telecommunications hub where the network infrastructure serves multiple service providers. The Carrier business provides solutions and components for access and transmission networks as well as hi-sites. The Enterprise business delivers contact centre solutions, Unified Communications, Cloud Solutions and security and fire solutions. Electrical Manufacturers delivers contract manufacturing of white goods. 

The Jasco Group has a national footprint with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Free State, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Other than South Africa, the organisation trade in many sub-Saharan African countries, with a special focus on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

Through OEM and reseller agreements, the DataVoice product range is sold in other parts of the world.

For more information visit us at Jasco at www.jasco.co.za.


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