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Jasco Carrier Infrastructure targets GSM Operators with its rapid deployment, infrastructure boosting units

by david.nunes


Jasco Carrier Infrastructure targets GSM Operators with its rapid deployment, infrastructure boosting units






1 November 2011

Housed within the WebbLeBLANC company that Jasco has an interest in, Jasco Carrier Infrastructure is targeting GSM operators in the highly competitive African market with a comprehensive range of telecoms infrastructure solutions that can be deployed rapidly and easily. The Rapid Deployment Units (RDUs), which are being manufactured at the company’s recently upgraded Nigel facilities, are designed to overcome the unique challenges facing Africa’s GSM operators – and deliver fast returns.

Explains Francois van Zyl, Divisional Managing Director of Jasco Carrier

Infrastructure: “In Africa, the wireless communications market continues to grow but it is also changing rapidly. The market is becoming crowded and average revenue per user (ARPU) has declined. This has prompted network operators to introduce cost and capex reduction strategies. Demand for voice and data has grown and this is expected to continue into the foreseeable future. As such, network availability and quality have become a major challenge and a key differentiator essential to maintaining and/or improve market position.

“As a major global player supplying passive infrastructure solutions to network operators, Jasco’s portfolio of rapid deployment units is well poised to meet the challenges these network operators face with regard to network expansion, coverage and quality.”

Scale rapidly, reach further, increase quality – fast

The RDU range is designed to meet client specific load and wind requirements and includes the following:

. Rapid Deployment Self Supported Tower (RDS) – Also referred to as a “site in a box”, this is a complete vertical passive infrastructure site solution that does not use a concrete foundation and can be designed to reach up to 60m high. All components of the base station arrive completely kitted on site, ready for easy assembly and erection within one week.

. Rapid Deployment Monopole (RDM) – Mainly for urban applications, this solution includes Jasco’s optimised monopoles and above-ground foundation of up to 30m, which has a small foot print. Complete installations have been done within four working days.

. Rapid Deployment Wired Tower (RDW) – A complete rapid deployment solution with a rectangular tower up to 40m for permanent or semi- permanent installations. The RDW can be designed with or without equipment shelter, and comes complete with equipment, genset (generators complete with settings and accessories), fuel tank and security fence. A complete turnkey supplied site can be active within 8 hours.

. Mobile Communication Unit (MCU or COW) – A telescopic tower up to 30m for quick deployment for both rural and urban applications.

Site realisation can be as quick as six hours. These RDUs will allow service providers to overcome traditional site acquisitions hurdles, scale rapidly and allow increased capacity at specific sites to handle more traffic (e.g., a conference, event, seasonal spikes), as well as maintain quality of throughput (e.g., for voice and data services).

Notes Van Zyl: “The ability to quickly install, easily relocate and reuse these RDUs make them ideal for temporary or permanent coverage solutions.

Fast deployment means ‘instant’ profit generation, and since these RDUs are not classified as permanent structures, traditional permitting and site acquisition constraints do not apply. And In remote or rural areas, network operators or service providers making use of these RDUs do not need to deal with the cost, labour and logistics challenges associated with installing the complex concrete bases needed to stabilise and secure traditional steel structures.

Some operators, like Vodaphone Ghana, MCELL in Mozambique and NSN, a Cell C operator, are already profiting from use of Jasco Carrier Infrastructure’s RDUs.

Fast movers: MCELL, Cell C, Vodafone Ghana

Notes Van Zyl: “Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), who have been appointed to modernise Cell C’s all-IP radio access and backbone network to keep pace with growth in mobile data traffic and increasing smart device usage, has acquired eight 15m fully equipped communication on wheels (COW) RDUs, complete with generator, outdoor equipment and RF materials specifically designed for quick deployment where enhanced network coverage and network capacity is required.

“Mcell Mozambique meanwhile, has bought seven 20m trailers (MCUs) with 4×4 terrain capability to be deployed were temporary high capacity is expected at, for example, conventions or during peak holiday season. And Vodafone Ghana has invested in seven 30m, fully equipped (RDUs) as base transceiver station (BTS) sites for coverage in rural areas to facilitate wireless communication between user equipment and its network.”

New RDU export hub for Africa and Asia

Jasco Carrier Infrastructure’s South African manufacturing plant will become the new manufacturing and export hub of RDUs for the telecoms industry in Africa and Asia, says Van Zyl. “The demand for RDUs has grown beyond the capability of Jasco Carrier Infrastructure Europe to produce. What secured us the rights to produce these RDUs are our technical capability, high skills level and the relatively balanced cost and availability of materials in South Africa.

“Our recent R9m investment in the plant and equipment at our manufacturing facility in Nigel, along with our access to the continent and a deep understanding of the challenges faced, positions us well to fully leverage this opportunity to full advantage of the company and GSM operators on the continent.”

For more information visit us at

www.leblancgroup.com or at www.jasco.co.za

For further information contact:

Francois van Zyl

Divisional MD

Jasco Carrier Infrastructure

Tel: 087 310 1000

Email: f.vanzyl@leblancgroup.com



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