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Jasco delivers on its expansion strategy with acquisition of FerroTech

by david.nunes

Jasco delivers on its expansion strategy with acquisition of FerroTech


   23 January 2012

Jasco Electronics Holdings (The Jasco Group) will strengthen its Industry business and make headway on its larger Group strategy with the acquisition of Ferro Resonant Technologies (FerroTech), a provider of specialised power solutions, products and services. The bolt-on acquisition complements and broadens the offering of Jasco’s Industry Solutions which currently comprises security, control and monitoring, and building management solutions.

Says Pete da Silva, CEO of The Jasco Group: “We are positioning the Jasco Group to cater to the end-to-end requirements of business through the offerings housed in our ICT, Industry and Energy Solutions verticals. This acquisition is the first step in our strategy to expand our offering more extensively through the acquisition of companies that deliver specific solutions, skills sets and expertise, complementing our existing portfolio.”

FerroTech manufactures, supplies, designs, installs and maintains power and energy solutions, with a specific focus on quality and security of supply. Its offerings include voltage stabilisers, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS’), automatic voltage regulators, inverters, surge and lightning protection and transformers. It will add power optimisation (power assurance and quality solutions) to the Jasco Industry portfolio.  This will enable Jasco to deliver a more holistic offering and therefore the benefit of a single partner for all its clients’ requirements.

Says Da Silva: “We are pleased to welcome FerroTech into the Jasco family and are excited about the prospect of offering our clients a comprehensive multi-facetted selection of solutions that meet all the needs of their businesses.  This includes connectivity, security, building management and controls, and now power assurance and optimisation.”

Da Silva further adds, “FerroTech brings almost three decades of experience in the power field, providing the Jasco Group with not only quality products but also additional skills in this sector.

“Power is business critical. Considering the capacity crisis in Southern Africa and the resultant planned (and unplanned) power outages, it is crucial to ensure companies are supplied with the appropriate level of clean power and suitable alternative access to power. FerroTech delivers on this requirement, offering the expertise to deliver a stable, clean, constant supply of power and lower ongoing energy costs, as well as services such as assessments and recommendations.

Says Kevin Norris, co-founder and Managing Director of FerroTech: “The acquisition will provide FerroTech with the opportunity to tackle new markets, enhancing the company’s growth opportunities and sustainability. We also now have all the benefits of being part of a much larger group.” 

FerroTech’s offerings will also augment the offerings of Jasco’s other businesses, which will market these solutions and services to customers, including those jostling for space in the renewable energy arena. “We are able to offer the solutions, skills and services needed to store renewable energy and convert it to usable energy,” says Norris. Norris will continue in the role of Managing Director of FerroTech. 


 About the Jasco Group:

The Jasco Group has three vertical segments: ICT Solutions, Industry Solutions and Energy Solutions.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions consists of two industry segments, Carrier and Enterprise. The carrier segment focuses on mobile and fixed network operators in South and southern Africa. The enterprise segment offers integrated voice and data solutions to larger companies in southern Africa. Industry Solutions offers innovative solutions for industry and commerce outside of the ICT sector. The offering includes perimeter security (CCTV), access control and some fire detection  . Energy Solutions offers    cables and associated cable products into the energy space.

The Jasco Group has a national footprint with offices in Gauteng, the Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal and has extensive experience in sub-Saharan Africa with a special focus on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

For more information visit Jasco at www.jasco.co.za

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