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Jasco Power launches Jnet 1-10KVA UPS range to protect small and medium businesses in South Africa

by david.nunes

Jasco Power launches Jnet 1-10KVA UPS range to protect small and medium businesses in South Africa

19 February 2015

Jasco Power Solutions has launched a new range of high frequency 1-10Kva UPS’ that will offer small and medium-sized local businesses the daily risk coverage they need to survive the load shedding that is likely to become the norm in South Africa.  Jasco Power Solutions’ Jnet range of UPS’ are compact, flexible, meet international standards, and are extremely cost competitive.

Jasco Power Solutions believes its Jnet UPS range is highly relevant and will capture 20% of the estimated R600 million market for these devices in the next six to 12 months. This range complements Jasco Power’s existing 20 – 100KVa and 100KVA to 1.2MVA UPS ranges, and its power quality, assurance and management services.

“South African businesses can expect to deal with regular load shedding and the threat of rolling blackouts for the next 3 to 5 years,” says Marco da Silva, MD of Jasco Power Solutions. “To remain viable, businesses will need to be proactive, putting in place solutions to protect their IT and operational systems and keep mission critical systems up and running. We recognised a clear gap in the market for a cost effective, high quality UPS solution that meets the needs of this sector. This led to the development of our Jnet range.”

The Jnet UPS’ come standard in a 19-inch rack and tower alterable design, and offers true online double conversion of power, which provides clean power and instant protection for precise instrument and network data systems. The range will be available nationally via a selected base of Jasco Power Solutions resellers that are fully supported with training, design and technical inputs.

Notes Da Silva: “In specifying and testing the Jnet range, which we importing from the Far East, we made sure it would conform to our high quality standards.”

The Jnet UPS range will offer:

·         Clean power: True on-line double conversion means a pure sine wave output without pollution. (The UPS accepts mains or generator AC input, rectifying to DC to charge the UPS battery, then inverting back to 230 V AC for powering the protected equipment.)

·         Flexible format: Its rack and tower alterable design means it can adapt to any configuration.

·         Immediate protection: Zero transfer time, ensuring reliability for the load operation.

·         N+1 parallel redundancy: 6 – 10 KVA options use high reliable parallel redundancy technology.

·         Intelligent SDP/CPU design: With a power factor correction (PFC) of 0.98.

·         Intelligent local and remote monitor function: It has an Rs232 or USB port and is compatible with an SNMP card.

·         Smart: It has a self-diagnosis and protection function, strong load resistance capability, and peak value of current and short circuit protection design.

Exactly how much protection will a 10KVA UPS provide?

A 10KVA Jnet UPS will provide a five 5 to 10 minute power backup window for up to 20 desktop PCs. This gives users the opportunity to shut systems down safely. It’s a first line of defence but also provides a platform for extended protection and uptime.

Says Da Silva: “For companies that require it, we can extend the initial power backup period, powering systems for five to 8 hours, as needed, with the addition of a generator. Using a combination of in-house manufacturing, local assembly and best-of-breed international products, we are able to design solutions to meet individual needs. We focus not only on providing products to solve power problems, but on delivering solutions that are energy efficient themselves, ensuring maximum return on investment and minimum carbon footprint.”

Now is the time to explore power backup solutions, says Da Silva. “As South Africa’s previous experience with load shedding has shown, the cost of generators and UPS’ are likely to escalate rapidly with the next wave of load shedding as businesses realise the full impact of ongoing power loss. However, it is advisable not to buy in haste. The more effective strategy is to consider your options and build a bespoke platform that will cater not only to daily needs, but is also able to scale when required to deliver longer periods of power backup. Jasco Power Solutions has been building power solutions for more than 30 years and has the skills and experience to develop bespoke power solutions that meet specific needs and budgets.”


About the Jasco Group

Jasco delivers end-to-end best-of-breed solutions across the entire ICT value chain. Our services include solution design, business consulting, project management and logistics to manage the supply, installation and commissioning of solutions; and professional services to provide integration and customisation of solutions; managed services, support and maintenance.

Jasco’s operating divisions, namely Intelligent Technologies, Enterprise, Carriers and Electrical Manufacturers deliver a range of solutions and services. Intelligent Technologies delivers broadcast, power, data centres and Property Technology Management (PTM) solutions as well as Energy Optimisation and Co-location services, a carrier-neutral co-location telecommunications hub where the network infrastructure serves multiple service providers. The Carrier business provides solutions and components for access and transmission networks as well as hi-sites. The Enterprise business delivers contact centre solutions, Unified Communications, Cloud Solutions and security and fire solutions. Electrical Manufacturers delivers contract manufacturing of white goods. 

The Jasco Group has a national footprint with offices in Gauteng, Western Cape, Free State, Eastern Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal. Other than South Africa, the organisation trade in many sub-Saharan African countries, with a special focus on the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

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