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Jasco unveils Qnique v3.2 with enhanced reporting and improved functionality

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Jasco unveils Qnique v3.2 with enhanced reporting and improved functionality

6 December 2011

Jasco Enterprise Applications has announced the upgraded 2012 release of its award-winning Qnique Contact Centre Suite for Workforce Optimisation. Qnique

v3.2 features several incremental product updates and several specific enhancements aimed at improving the general functionality and user-friendliness of the suite.

“While the 2012 upgrade of Qnique does not contain any new modules, we have significantly enhanced the standard reporting capabilities of the product, with additional automated reporting and the ability to create customised reporting with ease. We have also significantly improved licensing for distributed business environments, developed an enhanced audit trail for Assessment Summaries and added in support for new generation operating systems, amongst other things,” says Kgabo Badimo, Divisional MD, Jasco Enterprise Applications.

“Managing the contact centre workforce is of the utmost importance, since these employees can account for up to 70% of total costs. Aside from this, compliance has become an important issue, so quality management is vital in reducing risk, ensuring compliance and keeping workers productive. Qnique gives contact centres the tools they need to accomplish this, and most of the changes in this edition are aimed at improving functionality and processes in order to improve management productivity,” he adds.

Qnique’s substantial reporting capabilities have been significantly enhanced in v3.2 and operational improvements have been made to deliver a more intuitive user experience. These enhancements allow for increased flexibility relating to the basis of reporting periods, while saving time and effort by enabling single reports to be custom generated for multiple business areas and allowing users to save and reuse reports used on a regular basis.

Licensing improvements designed specifically for distributed business units support the allocating and re-allocation of licence pools to other business units from a master pool of licences. This means that Qnique customers will have the flexibility to move licensing between different business units to suit their business needs.

The enhanced audit trail for Assessment Summary report and assessment deletions ensures that on deletion and non-sign off of an assessment, users will be forced to enter a reason for the action. Three new reports have also been provided: Assessments Deleted, Assessment Modification Overview and Assessment Modification Detail. This enhancement allows for greater transparency and accountability on assessment changes and deletions.

Other enhancements in Qnique v3.2 include the flexibility to add additional calls to an assessment after commencement of the assessment itself, the ability to include multiple business units in the same report, and support for 64bit Microsoft Windows 2008 Server, Windows 7, and SQL Serverand Crystal 2008 as well as general product functionality and architecture improvements.

“We are dedicated to keeping our products current and relevant, and have committed ourselves to release at least one upgrade each year. Following any new release we immediately develop a roadmap for the next release and we hold user groups throughout the year to discern what features and functionality our customers need and want. We also keep abreast of trends within the market and constantly strive to improve the usability of Qnique both from a globally competitive perspective and a user perspective,” says Badimo.

“The updates and improvements contained in Qnique v3.2 are the result of careful analysis of international and local trends, as well as the needs identified by our customers in the user groups. Through this process of continual improvement we can ensure that our customers have access to the best solutions to meet their contact centre workforce needs,” he concludes.

For more information visit Jasco at


Or contact:

Kgabo Badimo

Divisional Managing Director

Jasco Enterprise Applications

Mobile: 011-2661500

Email: kbadimo@za.spescom.com


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